1997 USMS Rules Change Proposals

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The committee reports out favorably the following emergency proposal as amended:


.1 Start - The forward start or the short course yard backstroke start shall be used.

Rationale: Clarifies that a "backstroke-style" start may be used when a swimmer is swimming backstroke in a freestyle event.

The committee did not consider the following proposal as amended an emergency:

R3(40)Champ104.5.3Event Limit

B.Relays - Competitors shall be allowed to swim in only one freestyle relay, one medley relay, one mixed freestyle relay, and one mixed medley relay of each distance. per meet.

R4, R4A and R4B were withdrawn by the submitter.

The committee submits the following as housekeeping replacing the current wording:

R5(26) Rules 102.17 SMOKING - Smoking and use of other tobacco products is prohibited on the pool deck, in locker rooms, in spectator seating or standing areas, and in all areas used by swimmers, during the meet or during the warmup periods in connection with the meet.

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