2012 Convention

Convention XXXIII Results

Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons
Greensboro, NC
September 12-16, 2012


Executive Director Address

The full text of the executive director address to the House of Delegates is available here

Election Results

Board of Directors:
At Large Director from the Breadbasket Zone: Bruce Hopson
At Large Director from the Colonies Zone: Chris McGiffin
At Large Director from the Dixie Zone: Maria Elias-Williams
At Large Director from the Great Lakes Zone: Phil Dodson
At Large Director from the Northwest Zone: Hugh Moore
At Large Director from the Oceana Zone: Jim Clemmons
At Large Director from the South Central Zone: Jill Gellatly
At Large Director from the Southwest Zone: Phil Whitten


Awards Presented

2014 Pool Championships Locations

  • Spring Nationals (SCY): Santa Clara Swim Club, Santa Clara, CA; tentative dates May 1-4, 2014
  • Summer Nationals (LCM): University of Maryland, College Park, MD; tentative dates August 13-17, 2014

2015 Pool Championships Locations

  • Spring Nationals (SCY): San Antonio, TX; tentative dates April 23-26
  • Summer Nationals (LCM): Spire Institute, Cleveland, OH;

2014 Long Distance Championships Locations / Hosts

  • 1 Mile Open Water: Davis Aquatic Masters, Lake Berryessa, CA, 6/7/22014
  • 1-3 Mile Open Water: Outdoor Chattanooga, Tennessee River, TN, 5/17/2014
  • 3-6 Mile Open Water: Central Oregon, Elk Lake, OR, 8/3/2014
  • 6+ Mile Open Water: CIBBOWS, Hudson River, NY, June 2014 (TBA)
  • >9 Mile Open Water: Genesis/Hopkins, Lake Minnetonka, MN, 7/26/2014
  • 2 Mile Cable Swim: Adirondack Masters, Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, NY 8/16/2014
  • One Hour Postal: Indy Aquatic Masters
  • 5K / 10K Postal: Rogue Valley, OR
  • 3000 / 6000: Central Oregon


Meeting Minutes

Minutes of meetings from convention are available in our meeting minutes area.  The list of minutes shown there will be continuously updated as minutes documents become available.



Effective Meetings in the Virtual World - Chris McGiffin & Paige Buehler



Managing Member/Volunteer Dynamics - Rob Copeland & Hugh Moore



Practice Safe Swimming - Jim Wheeler


Investing in Your LMSC Infrastructure, Volunteers, Programs & Services - Jeanne Ensign, Lynn Morrison & Paige Buehler



Partnering with USA-Swimming - Bill Brenner, Leo Letendre & Jeff Gudman



USMS & LMSC Web Site Design Best Practices - Jim Matysek & Jeff Perout



LMSC Officers & LMSC Standards - Brainwriting



Pre-Convention Information

The complete pre-convention information for delegates is still available here.