USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Fitness Award

Recipient: Stacy Sweetser
Year: 2023
LMSC: New England

Stacy was well known for SweetWater Swim Studio where she helped athletes make connections in the community, improve their comfort level in and around water, improve their stroke technique, and achieve their goals. She spread this wealth of information beyond her business by providing multiple articles and videos to the New England LMSC newsletters and social media platforms. Stacey also shared one-on-one coaching using underwater videos and prompt analysis to improve the swimmers strokes. These were provided free of cost on social media, her website, and Vimeo video platforms.

Stacey viewed herself as a resource to both new and veteran swimmers. When new swimmers needed to find swim buddies, programs, or events, she could usually help them make the connections. When they wanted to learn to swim with better efficiency, she was able to help. And, when veteran swimmers needed a new focus or some technique changes, she enjoyed working with them to get back the spark and help them achieve their goals.