USMS Award Recipient

USMS Athletes Inducted into the Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame (MISHOF)


Recipient: Kerry O'Brien
Year: 2021
LMSC: Pacific

Kerry O’Brien’s engagement and commitment to swimming has been a lifelong endeavor.  His participation in U.S. Masters Swimming has resulted in significant enhanced member benefits such as increased skill development, participation and overall enjoyment.  Kerry’s contributions and service to U.S. Masters have focused on all facets of coaching. His 40-year tenure leading Walnut Creek Masters defines his is a legacy of service and giving back to the sport.

Among his many accomplishments, Kerry received the USMS Coach of the Year award in 1987.  In collaboration with Jim Miller, MISHOF inductee 2019, Kerry created the Masters Coaching Curriculum for the American Swim Coaches Association. He has been a regular participant in USMS’s mentor/mentee program for coaches and also serves as a mentor to other coaches across the country. Under his leadership, Walnut Creek Masters conducted an annual Intensive Training Camp for over 30 years, it attracted 45-50 Masters Swimmers from around the world and became the model for the USMS Intensive Training Clinics. Kerry is in demand at clinics throughout the country.