USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Recipient: Adam Larson
Year: 2021
LMSC: Southern Pacific

A long-time member of West Hollywood Aquatics (WH20) and The Southern Pacific LMSC, Adam served on the club’s Board of Directors for four years – the last two as the club’s treasurer. He was lauded for his dedication to compiling a budget and presenting clear and accurate details at the club’s monthly meetings. When Covid-19 reared its ugly “head”, the financial state of the club was in jeopardy. By all accounts, Adam single handedly kept the club from going under. He crunched the numbers and came up with a payment structure that balanced the need to keep swim costs down while providing enough money to stave off closure. Adam was instrumental in securing PPP loans as well. His tireless effort and creative problem solving saved the club.