USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Recipient: Tom Harrylock
Year: 2020
LMSC: Pacific Northwest

Tom joined USMS and the Green Lake Aqua Ducks workout group in Seattle more than 25 years ago. The team became a non-profit organization in 2002 and after holding numerous board positions, he became GLAD’s President in 2014. While fully engaged in leading the team, he focused on three priorities: assure and maintain GLAD’s fiscal health, continually build membership, and keep high quality coaching on deck. He watched the team finances carefully, always balancing the small-scale non-profit economic realities with what team members could afford. Tom worked hard to see that the coaches were fairly compensated and the current head coach had held the position for 13 years. Among other contributions, he navigated on behalf of the team when public school swim teams caused pool schedule changes and he followed through on a tip to switch from indoor public pools to an outdoor private venue that provided more lanes, fresh air, and starry sky.