USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Recipient: Stacey Eicks
Year: 2020
LMSC: Gulf

Joining USMS in 2000, Stacey joined the Woodlands Masters Team in 2005. She quickly became involved in team administration and served as an At Large Director, Vice President, and eventually President. After that role, she became the Club Administrator, keeping track of members and billing. Stacey was certified as a Level II coach and an ALTS instructor and coached the club twice a week. On the LMSC level, she volunteered to be the Gulf Top Times Chair, processing all of the swim meets within hours of receiving the results. She created a fillable form to help meet directors collect all the necessary information. In 2016, Stacey attended her first USMS convention and soon after joined the Records and Tabulations Committee. In 2020 she became the committee’s Vice Chair. She was one of the most active members of the LMSC board and known for her dependability.