USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Kerry O'Brien Coaches Award


Recipient: Rick Walker
Year: 2020
LMSC: Florida

Rick Walker was the head coach of the Sarasota Sharks, which he founded in 2002. With his leadership, the team grew from three swimmers to nearly 300. Rick was the recipient of the 2011 Florida LMSC Coach of the Year Award. Over the course of eight years, he posted over 1800 of his workouts to the USMS Discussion Forums, making them available to all USMS members. In addition to annual competitions, Rick was the co-meet director the 2013 Pan Am Masters Games and five YMCA Masters National Championships.

Rick’s team considered him to be a thoughtful motivator and an inspirational role model because he was both a coach and swimmer, who was fully invested in his swimmers’ goals. He was a master at encouraging his swimmers to attend not only local meets but also national competitions.