USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award


Recipient: Richard Garza
Year: 2019
LMSC: North Texas

When in Florida, Richard maintained the Florida Gold Coast LMSC Facebook pages and group. He followed that accomplishment up with a term as the FG LMSC Vice Chair. He took the lead in updating the LMSC’s Bylaws and reconstructing actions taken by the board in the previous 10 years. Moving on the North Texas LMSC, Richard became the Newsletter Editor. In 2017 he became the LSMC President. As he did in Florida, he revamped the LMSC Bylaws, and in the process brought the LMSC into 100% compliance with the LMSC Standards. He also oversaw an upgrade to the website, which greatly enhanced its ability to be a good resource. On the national level, Richard served on the Futures Task Force and the Legislation Committee. A USMS Level 4 Certified Coach, he served as the Head Coach for the 2017 FiNA World Masters meet held in Budapest, Hungary.