USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Recipient: Lisa Watson
Year: 2018
LMSC: Georgia

Serving as Chair for 30 years. Her passion and endless enthusiasm has been the glue that has held the LMSC together and the driving force behind its growth. Recognizing the need for new Masters swimmers to ease into competition, she introduced developmental meets in 1985 to provide new swimmers with a low key environment to get over their fears of competing and to help them get enthused about Masters Swimming. Lisa organized two developmental meets a year, which have proved to be great recruiting tools for new members. She also used her position as a collegiate physical education instructor to attract new swimmers to the sport. In 2009, Lisa founded the Fighting Geese Masters Swimming workout group to give her college students an opportunity to experience USMS and to compete in Masters meets. At the national level, Lisa served on the Championship committee (Secretary from 2012-2016), the Long Distance committee, and the Fitness Education committee. Lisa attended over 26 USAS conventions.