USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Year Award

Recipient: Oregon Masters
Year: 2017
LMSC: Oregon

Oregon Masters Swim Club (OREG) had 30 workout groups across Oregon and SW Washington and around 960 members. The club accounted for approximately 85% of the membership of the Oregon LMSC.

Coaches received compensation for assisting OREG swimmers at National Championship meets and attendees received swim caps and t-shirts. Communication was handled through email, newspaper, a website, and USMS recruitment brochures. In addition, OREG members donated to local fund raisers. A significant number of OREG members volunteered at the LMSC, Zone, and National level. Of their membership, 26 were USMS Certified Coaches, 32 were USMS Certified Officials, and 13 were ALTS Instructors.

Swimming and open water clinics were organized by several of the club’s workout groups; some annually and some for multiple days. Swim clinics were held with Coach Milt Nelms, and with Olympians Caitlin Leverenz, Anita Nall, and Tom Jager. Varying topics were covered, for example, long-axis and short-axis strokes and USMS Open Water Safety.

OREG was extremely active and hosted 5 USMS National Championships, 19 Open Water National Championships, and 8 USMS ePostal National Championships.  An annual Dual Sanctioned competition was held, allowing USMS parents and USA Swimming children to swim together. Workout groups within the club hosted special events, such as the Tualatin Hills Barracudas’ "February Fitness Challenge," Central Oregon Masters’ "Beautiful Lake Juniper Swim," and the Oregon City Tankers’ "Swim Across America Relays for Life" event.

OREG was a cohesive group that worked well together for the betterment of Masters swimming in Oregon and southern Washington.