USMS Award Recipient

Ted Haartz U.S. Masters Swimming Staff Appreciation Award


Recipient: Nadine Day
Year: 2015
LMSC: Indiana

Written and presented by Anna Lea Matysek and Tracy Grilli at the 2015 Annual Meeting

Each year, the Ted Haartz Staff Appreciation Award is given to a special volunteer, chosen by the staff. The award is named in honor of Ted Haartz, who’s been a leader in U.S. Masters Swimming since 1970. Ted helped establish the foundation for USMS’s evolution into a professionally operated organization and he was the inaugural recipient of this award in 2009.

The Staff Award recognizes one individual who demonstrates excellence in assisting and supporting the national office staff with its professional duties of servicing, promoting, and building the membership; and carrying out the vision and strategic plan set forth by our volunteer leadership.

This year’s award winner has been the head cheerleader for the USMS staff.  We think it is time to give a cheer for her!

N is for “never sleeps!”

This volunteer seems to always be available, by email, phone, and text, even when she’s performing her “day job.” She’s had phone conversations with Rob Butcher while her patient was riding a stationary bicycle.

A is for “appreciative!”

This volunteer never passes up a chance to provide the staff with positive feedback on our job performances. She has traveled to the national office in Sarasota several times to meet with us face-to-face.

D is for “dedicated to detail!”

This volunteer has gone above and beyond her job duties. She insisted on handling many tasks herself, without the usual assistance from the national office staff, including convention schedules, committee assignments, and even proofreading the rule book. She has kept the IT staff on their toes by finding obscure errors on the web site.  And when asked if she has read any good books lately she responded with “Why yes I have. Amazing book.  Needs to be shorter though. It is called the 2015 USMS Rule book.”

I is for “international!”

This volunteer has elevated USMS’s stature in the world of swimming. Who would have thought that a Masters swimming volunteer would be on a first-name basis with both the President and the Executive Director of FINA?  (And yes, “I” also stands for “ice cream.”)

N is for “never in one place!”

This volunteer must have a zillion frequent-flyer miles. This year she represented USMS in her travels to Medellin, Colombia, Kazan, Russia, and Toronto, Canada, along with more than a few cities within the United States. But even when she’s traveling for pleasure she’s working for USMS. On a recent family trip to Orlando, she awoke in the middle of the night and sent Tracy a list of changes for the convention schedule. Then she said, “I need a vacation from my vacation.”

E is for “Energizer Bunny!”

This volunteer has mailed handwritten thank-you notes to literally hundreds of volunteers.


She treats the staff as if WE are the volunteers, so it is our pleasure to present Nadine Day with the 2015 Ted Haartz Staff Award!