USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Open Water Service Award

Recipient: Glenda Carroll
Year: 2014
LMSC: Pacific

by Phyllis Quinn and Peter Guadagni

Glenda Carroll’s contributions to open water swimming span all levels of the USMS organization and have benefited members of all abilities.

At the national level Glenda has been a long time member of the Open Water Committee including two years as its Vice Chair helping to guide this new committee in its initial stages.

As the Pacific Open Water Chair for 5 years (2008 to 2012) she oversaw what is probably the most active USMS open water program; a program that averages nearly 20 swims and 1500 participants each year. In that role she provided guidance to race directors and held them accountable to the LMSC’s high standards for event conduct and safety. She continued to improve the open water events each year by working with the Race Directors and creating an open water committee. The committee spearheaded ways to grow open water events in Pacific Masters. Because of her passion for open water and her experience working in this area, Glenda became an “expert” that others sought out for advice. She brought her "expert" role to the national level, advising LMSC administrators and event managers across USMS as the Open Water committee go-to person for event management issues.

Recognizing the fear many novice swimmers have of swimming outside a heated pool, she spearheaded the creation of the Open Water 101 Clinic. To conduct these clinics, Glenda recruited some of the nation’s most accomplished swimmers to work in small groups with participants. The clinics were so successful a 201 series was added, as well as a special classroom session for individuals wanting to prepare for an upcoming 5k/10k event. As LMSC Open Water Chair she successfully fought for the introduction of Category 2 competition and One Event Registration at local events. Glenda educated the LMSC’s leadership on the benefits of the proposed new policies and eventually persuaded Pacific to embrace the changes.

Other accomplishments as Chair included establishment of a program where the LMSC funds ambulances at smaller events, helping bring a national championship event to the area, and outfitting the Pacific open water equipment trailer with bright graphics that promote open water swimming for Masters.

In 2013, she became event director of the John Steiner Mile, a postal event sponsored by her club that also raises money for the American Cancer Society.

Glenda understood one of her most important roles as a leader was to recruit a replacement. She recognized Phyllis Quinn as a capable leader and by mentoring and training Phyllis as her replacement she insured the continued vitality of the Pacific open water program. Although Glenda has retired as Chair, her volunteer work on behalf of Masters open water swimming remains with her service on the USMS Open Water Committee and continuing responsibility for Pacific’s Open Water 101 and 201 clinics. It is hard to imagine anyone being more deserving of the Open Water Service Award than Glenda Carroll.