USMS Award Recipient

USMS Athletes Inducted into the Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame (MISHOF)


Recipient: F.H. "Ted" Haartz
Year: 2013
LMSC: Arizona

Ted Haartz a five time world record holder, is far better known for his volunteer service to United States Masters Swimming, both nationally and internationally.

This former collegiate swimmer from Tufts University, turned his sights to Masters Swimming in 1970. He and some fellow swimmers decided to attend a Masters meet in Amarillo Texas in 1971. He won the 100 I.M., a race he considers to be one of his most memorable.

In 1972, Ted Haartz became a charter member of New England Masters and quickly progressed to volunteering at the national level. By 1977, he was elected Secretary of the AAU Masters Swimming Committee. This was followed by a four-year term as President, the first for the AAU Masters Swimming Committee. Early on, president Haartz set out to achieve what he still considers his most significant contribution to Masters Swimming: pulling out of the AAU, so they could raise their own funds, write their own rules, and determine their own destiny. He was then elected as president of USMS, only the third person to be elected to this office, following Capt. Ransom J. Arthur, M.D. and June Krauser. In addition, Ted was a key player in the formation of the original 55 Local Masters Swimming Committees (LMSC’s) that governed Masters Swimming on the local level.

Ted didn’t rest on his laurels after serving as USMS President. He continued his work on the cultivation and development of the Top Ten listings and the National Record listings. Ted has worked to develop Masters Swimming on the International scene and he has served on many USMS committees. He has served as the ex-officio liaison to USA Swimming from Masters Swimming since 1981. He has been instrumental in developing USMS into a cohesive organization, one that could grow and become independent. In 2008, Ted was sought after to help USMS hire an Executive Director to lead the growing organization. Ted has 43 years of continuous service to USMS.

As a Masters Swimmer, Ted Haartz has set five Masters world records and 11 Masters American records, primarily in the breaststroke events. He has participated in ten age groups since 1971, and competed at every short-course yards Masters National Championships since 1971, except in 2012, and every Masters long-course National Championships 1973-2010. He has attended 40 Masters conventions beginning in 1974. Ted has also been ranked in the USMS Top-Ten, individually, 486 times (1971-2011) and ranked as an All American, individually, 18 times (1973-2008).

In 1976 he received the prestigious Capt. Ransom D. Arthur. M. D. Award. In addition, Ted was the recipient of the Presidential Appreciation Award for meritorious contributions to USMS (1978-1981), recipient of plaque/gavel in recognition of being an Outstanding Leader in Masters Swimming (1980), recipient of Presidential Service Award recognizing outstanding service as a USA Swimming Liaison (1995), recipient of U.S. Masters Swimming National Championship Meets Award (1996), recipient of A Lifetime of Service to Swimming Award by the Arizona LSC of USA Swimming (2003), and recipient of inaugural U.S. Masters Swimming Ted Haartz Staff Appreciation Award (2009).