USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Kerry O'Brien Coaches Award

Recipient: Marcia Benjamin
Year: 2013
LMSC: Pacific

Marcia Benjamin - USMS appreciates the opportunity you have given to an area of Pacific Masters that would be void of a Masters swimming program had it not been for your vision. With Marcia's Enthusiastic Masters, you have found a way to work within the Community College system to create a different template to build a successful program. The range of possibility is continually stretched. The environment created within your program has members believing in their ability to reach their goals by trusting your methods in getting them there. Presented by Stu Kahn.

Marcia Benjamin received the Dorothy Donnelly USMS Service Award in 2006: Marcia has given her time to scheduling over 34 pool and open water competitions. She has served as the Scheduling Chair for the Pacific LSMC, the Open Water Points Tabulator and All-Star Tabulator, and nationally as the Vice Chair of the USMS Long Distance Committee.