USMS Award Recipient

Ted Haartz U.S. Masters Swimming Staff Appreciation Award


Recipient: Ralph Davis
Year: 2011
LMSC: Michigan

2011 Ted Haartz Staff Appreciation Award presented by Susan Kuhlman

The Ted Haartz Staff Appreciation Award is an honor bestowed upon a volunteer who has most helped the national office. It's a deserving award named after Ted, and as Rob shared yesterday, Ted is one of the original pioneers of USMS. Ted was at the 1971 USMS Nationals developing our record and Top 10 system, incorporated USMS in 1978, served as USMS Board President, has served on the USA Swimming board of directors for nearly two decades, and was on the search committee that hired our executive director.

Last years winner, George Simon, was a leader in helping USMS adopt the online registration technology and educating registrars on how to use the service. This year's winner has too played a vital role in moving USMS forward. He is best known for his financial prowess and his astute leadership skills. Locally, he's been a club president, LMSC president and LMSC treasurer. At the national level, he's been the Finance Committee Chair, member of the USMS Board of Directors and our current treasurer.

Under Ralph Davis, USMS has created an Audit Committee and Investment Committee. Our Audit Committee meets annually face to face and selected our new auditors that specialize in non-profit accounting. We now provide an annual audit for USMS to ensure the organization is safeguarded and financially transparent. Our Investment Committee likewise selected our investment managers, meets annually and is responsible for implementing our Investment policy. During this time he oversaw the selection, purchase and installation of new accounting software.

To the staff, Ralph has been a valuable resource, sounding board, and mentor. When it came time to bring production of SWIMMER magazine in house, Ralph was there to help us review the responsibilities, contract and financial saving to USMS of more than $100,000 a year. When we changed our employment management services provider, Ralph was instrumental as well in ensuring the organization and our employees were protected. When I was hired as our controller a year and a half ago, Ralph was on the selection committee. I was a newbie to the Masters swimming culture and Ralph has been there for me whenever I need sage advice, review, or just knowing how to navigate both FOG and our various committees.

What you may not know, is that Ralph is a heart transplant recipient. He's competed in the Transplant Games taking home his share of ribbons.

Ralph has had a change of heart, but his commitment to USMS is unwavering.

Ladies and Gentleman, it is my privilege to present the Ted Haartz Staff Award to Ralph Davis.