USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Recipient: Mark Oliphant
Year: 2011
LMSC: Maryland

Mark A. Oliphant was an extremely dedicated Masters Swimmer. Serving as the Maryland LMSC Registrar and the TCY Manta Ray “de facto team captain”, Mark gave much of his energy, time, and talent to others. As a technology guru, he developed the LMSC and team’s websites and created an online entry system, making individual meet registrations easy. His impact on the sport of swimming had a wide reach throughout Maryland’s eastern shore and beyond; over 100 swimmers benefited locally through meets and open water swims. Mark cultivated relationships with swimmers from other teams, resulting in an annual postal meet between the TCY Manta Rays and the Skuru IK Masters team in Sweden! Mark welcomed swimmers of all skill sets to join the team and his passion and encouragement made everyone feel appreciated and accepted.