USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Recipient: Glenda Carroll
Year: 2010
LMSC: Pacific

An open water devotee, Glenda's contributions to open water swimming in the Pacific LMSC have been on-going and outstanding. She created the LMSC’s open water web site. She initiated OW 101, a clinic for beginning or new open water swimmers that was so successful it's been copied by many other groups. She reprised it in 2010 with OW 201. Glenda brought new OW ideas and enhanced the OW experience by streamlining the timing and results. She initiated an upgrade to the Pacific Masters logo that would include OW and designed a branded “finish arch” for events. She administered Pacific's extensive open water program and provided help to event directors. Glenda brought Masters Open Water swimming to the masses with the publication of her two thrilling novels based on open water activities, Dead in the Water and Drop Dead Red.