USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming Kerry O'Brien Coaches Award

Recipient: Fred Nelis
Year: 2008
LMSC: Michigan

In 1999 Coach Fred Nelis founded the Dutch Masters of Holland Michigan with the philosophy of "Fun, Friends, Food, and Fitness.” His team has appropriately added “Fred” to the slogan for the dedication and passion he brings to the program. I quote: “Fred calls or visits when a swimmer needs a hand or an ear. He gives advice on stroke, takes film, cheers when you make a hard set, gives you a pat on the back whether you swim a great time or not. He continues to energize all of us to continue to participate, brings in others to add to the mix, many of whom otherwise might be reluctant to dive in. He makes the food/entertainment part of our group even more fun! Fred leads us as a family—and a family that swims together stays together."