USMS Award Recipient

USMS Athletes Inducted into the Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame (MISHOF)

Recipient: Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen
Year: 2007
LMSC: San Diego - Imperial

She began competitive swimming at the age of 6. By 15, she was a junior national champion. Speed came naturally to her, but she lacked the necessary discipline and drive -- during practices, she was last in, first out! At the age of thirty, Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen returned to the water; now, she was focused -- first in, last out. Her attitude change made all the difference! She began breaking FINA Masters World Records in I.M., backstroke, freestyle and butterfly and has yet to stop. To date, she has competed in four age groups accumulating more world points than any other swimmer. She was named 2004 World Woman's Masters Swimmer of the Year.

Few competitive swimmers, like wine, get better with age. Defying nature, in her mid-forties she is swimming as fast as, and in some cases faster than, she did in her twenties. Karlyn lets her age work to her advantage, using her wisdomto train smarter.

Swimming has taught Karlyn what she is made of. And, it seems that she is made of some pretty tough stuff. She has learned that she can do just about anything she sets her mind to. She shares that message as a coach and motivational speaker. Her pioneering spirit inspires others to reach their full potential both in and out of the water.