2013 USMS Award Recipients

Recipients of The Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. Award

  Patricia MillerVirginia LMSC

Recipients of The Speedo/U.S. Masters Swimming Coach Of The Year Award

  Whitney HedgepethAsk any Masters swimmer from her team about the single best quality of their program and the first thing they will tell you is how fortunate they are to have this year's winner as their coach. She is the heart, soul and, some say, the brains of their organization. A decorated Olympic swimmer and mother of three, she brings to her program a wealth of knowledge in both swimming and family life; as well as dedication, passion and leadership. During her 8 years at the helm, she has guided her club to increasingly higher levels of growth, interpersonal connections, and successes in the pool, open water, and postal events. She equally coaches beginners, triathletes, open water aficionados, and paralympians. Her swimmers have set LMSC, National, and World Records. A regular contributor to SWIMMER and AUSTIN FIT, she is also featured speaker in the Austin area. She embodies all of the qualities that we look for in winning this award. Ladies and gentlemen: The 2013 USMS Coach of the Year, from Longhorn Aquatics in South Texas, is Whitney Hedgepeth.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

  William BeardenWilliam "Bill" Bearden from New Mexico Masters Swimming was honored with the USMS Service Award at the recent USMS Convention held in Garden Grove, Calif. Bill received the recognition for his service as a board member for the past seven years, where he has performed the duties of chairperson, registrar, and treasurer. Bill has also served as the meet chair for the annual Cinco de Mile High Altitude event. Bill will be moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, by year's end. His leadership will certainly be missed, but it leaves opportunities for others to step in and volunteer on behalf of the LMSC. We're thrilled to congratulate Bill on being honored with the 2013 USMS Service Award.
  Stephen DarnellLong-time volunteer Stephen Darnell was awarded the Dorothy Donnelly service award in recognition of his time keeping record books for the Oregon Masters—seven years, to be exact. Both communications and work behind the scenes, as well as his affinity for accurate number crunching is well known in the local organization.
  Wes EdwardsWes Edwards was honored as an outstanding individual whose efforts have contributed to the success of USMS on the local and national level. He's earned recognition by serving several tenures as a meet director and board member for the Oregon Masters. Additionally, Wes served as chairman for the USMS Northwest Zone. His willingness to step forward to head local projects where others have not has been rewarded with this award.
  Kildine HarmsKildine Harms, an accountant by day, also brings her professional expertise to managing Pacific Masters finances. This is no small task, considering Pacific Masters has hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues, expenses, and assets. Her role included revamping the accounting system, managing payables, receivables, and investments, creating financial reports and statements, and preparing budgets and IRS filings. Because of Kildine, Pacific Masters’ financial operations are accurate, efficient, balanced and transparent. Kildine has given Pacific Masters a professionally managed financial system. In addition to her service as Pacific Masters Treasurer, she coordinates travel arrangements for Pacific’s 30 attendees at the USMS national convention where she also serves on the USMS Finance Committee. Kildine’s volunteerism extends to local swimming competitions and her home club, the Walnut Creek Masters, where she created a financial system to manage its income and expenditures.
  Thomas Moore Jr. Thomas Moore, a long-time volunteer for the Minnesota LMSC, was honored with the USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award at the 2013 USMS Convention held in Garden Grove, Calif. This award recognizes those whose contributions stand out in service to local, regional, and national programs. Tom is currently the LMSC vice chair, having served as the secretary previously. He backs up the chair and also serves as the LMSC meet director for all indoor events. In addition, Tom has organized swim clinics, developed methodology for tracking LMSC goals, implemented swim group workouts, helped develop a budget process for the LMSC, and filled in as secretary in absentia. Most important is Tom's ability to work with people and help make volunteering fun. Clearly, Tom is deserving of the 2013 USMS Service Award for his contributions to Masters Swimming.
  John MoralesSanta Rosa Masters is a club that always looks like it's having fun. John Morales is undeniably one of the most dominant forces behind this. He's a de facto social director and cheerleader, and although an elite swimmer in his own right, John is always poolside cheering on all of his teammates and swimming friends. He is also a tireless volunteer for Masters Swimming. He was meet director for the inaugural SRM Flower Power Meet. John is the scheduling chair for the Pacific LMSC, and his management and communication skills have kept the event hosts happy and the members well-informed. He is the chair of Pacific's annual celebration, a daylong event for which John arranged a keynote address by Matt Biondi. John has served on the Pacific Masters Coach of the Year selection committee and has been a key member on the committee to revamp and improve PacMasters communications. He is also one of three members of the Pacific Governance committee charged with improving the effectiveness of the LMSC. John's commitment of time, knowledge, energy, and spirit are invaluable to PacMasters.
  Jennifer ParksMichigan LMSC
  Dick PitmanA long-time volunteer for the Wisconsin LMSC was honored with the USMS Service Award at the recent USMS Convention held in Garden Grove, Calif. Dick Pitman has been a continuous member since at least 1984. He started Masters Swimming when he realized his fitness level was diminishing, and since then, he has been a valued and respected member of the Wis. LMSC. Dick has helped grow the membership around Madison and he has served in many capacities on the LMSC Board including holding the position of chairman for a number of years. Dick is well known for directing the Badger State Games, which eventually led to an annual Long Course meet. He also directed the Madison Open Water Swims (MOWS), which has twice served as a USMS National Championship and draws swimmers from all over the country. Beyond Dick's volunteerism in Wisconsin, he attends the USMS Convention each year and serves as a Wisconsin delegate and on the Legislation Committee. USMS is proud to honor Dick Pitman with the Service Award in 2013.
  Phyllis QuinnThree individuals from the Pacific LMSC have earned recognition for their contributions. Candor, enthusiasm, persistence, and unselfish dedication are hallmarks of Phyllis Quinn's service to Pacific Masters LMSC. Her contributions start at the Olympic Club where her generosity, friendship, and support have improved the experience of every teammate. She's been instrumental in running Olympic Club's Trans-Tahoe Relay (one of the largest USMS events with close to 900 participants) as safety and timing coordinator. This year Phyllis assumed the role of PacMasters open water chair, where she stewarded the adoption of the new open water insurance and sanction rules. Her strategy to present the USMS insurance situation to the Pacific board resulted in approval for a funding mechanism that kept Pacific's extensive open water program intact without taxing the organization's financial reserves. Phyllis also provided administrative support for a series of highly successful open water clinics. At the national level, Phyllis has been a key member of the Long Distance Committee for the past two years.
  Garrick Snider Garrick Snider from New Mexico Masters Swimming has served for more than ten years on the LMSC board. He has held the positions of Chairman, Registrar, Treasurer, and Secretary, and some of these for multiple terms. Garrick has organized and run numerous meets for the LMSC and most notably, founded the Cinco de Mile High Altitude event. Garrick has recently moved to Berkeley, Calif. His leadership will certainly be missed, but it leaves opportunities for others to step in and volunteer on behalf of the LMSC. We're thrilled to congratulate Garrick on being honored with the 2013 USMS Service Award.
  Anthony ThompsonMissouri Valley LMSC
  Stephanie Walsh BeilmanDelaware Valley LMSC
  Tim WaudTim Waud, the third Oregon Master to be honored, was given the USMS Service Award. Tim has been another long time volunteer, overseeing local swim meet scheduling and general operations as the Oregon Masters vice chair. Currently the souvenir chair responsible for marketing and expenditure accounting, he has coordinated a successful clinic on partnerships between swim organization and commerce.
  Dan WegnerSouthern Pacific LMSC

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Kerry O'Brien Coaching Award

  Don SwalwellCoaching the Ann Arbor Masters for some 25 years, Don Swalwell brings a strong foothold of passion for both the sport and the people that embrace it as a foundational piece of a healthy lifestyle. By infusing balanced doses of technical teaching with an encouraging spirit he has proven to his swimmers that you can build confidence in ability as you would "build" technical aspects in a stroke. Ann Arbor Masters are not only a family of swimmers, but also a force to be reckoned with competitively, demonstrated at the Michigan State Masters Championships.
  Doug GreenDoug Green's six years of coaching, alongside his unique ability to appeal to both young and old, seasoned and beginner, pool and open water, in such a way that all, regardless of level, making all feel valued, makes him a great asset to the South Coast Masters. His experience and ability benefit not only his 200+ membership, but the larger aquatic community on many different levels, such as providing fundraising and teaching for other aquatic groups.
  Jan PelusoIn his three years of coaching the Peluso Open Water Masters, Jay Peluso has brought together two different groups--swimmers and triathletes--using his skills to get both to coexist for everyone’s mutual benefit. As both an athlete and coach, Jay recognizes the need for collaboration with other fitness organizations in his area through partnerships and sharing of expertise. Incorporating this, alongside his ability to fuse creativity, structure, and a systematic approach to his coaching plays into the growth that POWM has experienced in the Virginia LMSC.
  Kendra WheelerKendra Wheeler, the head coach at CROC Masters, manages her workout schedule so that everyone under her leadership is included into the process and held accountable. Her swimmers can see her clear commitment to the sport, and to her team, because she swims the sets in the lane alongside them. She is a leader by example—always promoting a health lifestyle, encourgaing her swimmers to train for attainable goals. This is one of the many reasons why she runs such a successful programs.
  Marcia BenjaminMarcia Benjamin - USMS appreciates the opportunity you have given to an area of Pacific Masters that would be void of a Masters swimming program had it not been for your vision. With Marcia's Enthusiastic Masters, you have found a way to work within the Community College system to create a different template to build a successful program. The range of possibility is continually stretched. The environment created within your program has members believing in their ability to reach their goals by trusting your methods in getting them there. Presented by Stu Kahn. Marcia Benjamin received the Dorothy Donnelly USMS Service Award in 2006: Marcia has given her time to scheduling over 34 pool and open water competitions. She has served as the Scheduling Chair for the Pacific LSMC, the Open Water Points Tabulator and All-Star Tabulator, and nationally as the Vice Chair of the USMS Long Distance Committee.
  Greg OrphanidesSince the launching of the Houston Cougar Masters in Houston in 2009, increased workout opportunities have led to increased numbers. Now with 11 practices a week, the club has become the second-largest tclub in the Gulf LMSC. With the loss of their home pool in 2011, Greg Orphanides' spirit and dedication to his athletes spearheaded an intense effort to find a temporary pool while a new permanent home could be secured. On deck for all of the team's practices, Greg encourages and teaches with a contagious enthusiasm that has members stretching their comfort zones with new challenges at highly competitive levels.
  Donald B. JacksonAt the Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center, Coach Donald B. Jackson is a vital link for a growing the Masters community. He coaches and mentors new Masters coaches and swimmers through an 8-week novice program that has proven to be an important step to transitioning beginners into successful, confident swimmers and USMS members. The increase in USMS registrants at the Schroeder pool is in part due to his positive and cooperative attitude and applied coaching skills that have adults thriving in an encouraging and challenging environment.
  Mary C. GibsonDuring her time with the Talbot Manta Rays, Mary Gibson has displayed the ability to quickly build relations with the membership, and bring others back into the program with her caring spirit. Both young and old, seasoned and beginner, all swimmers under her leadership, have bought into her vision, dedication, enthusiasm, and experience, creating an environment where everyone is challenged and strengthened.
  Sue Berger-MannUnder Sue Berger-Mann’s guidance, the Stray Cats of the South East YMCA have being molded from a small workout group into a team with winning aspirations and a true commitment to community. Her membership speaks of her unique ability to fuse creativity, structure, and camaraderie, wrapped in a rekindled passion to teach and share her vast wealth of knowledge. Because of her efforts to immerse herself in both LMSC and local outreach activities, she continues to expand and improve her program.
  Tom ReudyTom Reudy has displayed incredible leadership during his time as coach of the San Mateo Marlins, overflowing into not only Masters swimming, but the aquatic community as a whole. Alongside his swimmers and coaches, Tom has done tremendous work with Swim Across America and the Pac Masters Championships. At least a part of San Mateo's competitive success can be attributed to Tom's immersion in the program, and in the LMSC.
  Mike KazekMike Kazek has shared his compassionate spirit for the sport of swimming with the California Maritime Academy Masters Since 2006. His volunteering for time and expertise as coach—even calling on his own financial resources to meet the immediate needs to the program—have impacted many lives. Mike is seen by many as coach and teacher, motivator and cheerleader, advisor and lobbyist, mentor and dear friend. By example, Mike has shown that one does not need a big pool, big team, or big paycheck to be considered one of the great success stories in Pacific Masters Swimming.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Year Award

  Blue Wave AquaticsLocal Club of the Year

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming June Krauser Communications Award

  Sally GuthrieSally has served as the LMSC Webmaster and Newsletter Editor since 2005. She has reached out to members who don't use the internet by developing a paper newsletter that keeps them informed. Sally continues to keep the website up to date and produce newsletters even though she assumed the position of LMSC Chair in 2011.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming National Championship Meets Award

  Ed SaltzmanEd has been a member of the Championship Committee since 2010 and has been instrumental in a variety of areas that have enhanced our national championships. He was Meet Director of the 2010 Spring Nationals in Atlanta and hosted an excellent meet. As Officials Chair, he has always worked to assist with, and improve upon, the operations of our national meets. He has taken that knowledge from Championships, as Meet Director, and Officials Chair to do an extensive re-write of the Meet Director's Guide. All together, he has made many contributions that have elevated the quality of our national championship meets and, therefore, he is very deserving of this recognition.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Open Water Service Award

  Bob BruceThe U.S. Masters Swimming Open Water Service Award honors individuals who have made significant contributions to promoting and building excellence in USMS open water swimming. This year’s honoree has excelled at the club, LMSC, Zone, and national level. In doing so, Bob Bruce has worn many “hats”, as a major developer, founder, organizer, and promoter of open water in the roles of event director, safety director, referee, coach, mentor, clinic instructor, administrator, and swimmer.

Recipients of The Ted Haartz U.S. Masters Swimming Staff Appreciation Award

  Jeffrey H. Roddin One of the best things about working for USMS is the opportunity to work with a passionate group of people who love swimming as much as we do. Each year, the staff has the difficult task of choosing only one volunteer to receive the Ted Haartz Staff Appreciation Award. The person we selected this year is a longtime volunteer. He’s served at the local, LMSC, and national levels. His approach to any project is organized, thoughtful, deliberate, and detailed. As an LMSC registrar who’s more technologically proficient than the average bear, he’s a formidable beta tester for programs and services designed for registrars. Whatever project he’s working on is better for his input. He’s also keenly aware of deadlines and the inner workings of the organization. He’s a gifted mediator, who wields both carrot and stick with equal precision. He’s honest and straightforward when communicating with members, volunteers, and staff. He has the ability to quickly assess a situation and formulate an appropriate response. And when the excretory material hits the turbine, and everyone else is frustrated, he uses his deliciously wicked sense of humor to distract us. Contrary to what we’ve always heard, apparently it really does take a rocket scientist to figure all this out. So it is my honor to stand up here, represent the staff, and give a big stick to a guy who really knows how to use one, along with carrots, whine, and cheese, Mr. Jeffrey Roddin.

Recipients of The USMS Athletes Inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF)

  Edward CazaletHonor Swimmer
  F.H. "Ted" HaartzHonor Contributor
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