Encouraging More Adults to Swim
2004 USMS Award Recipients

Recipients of The Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. Award

  Leo LetendreThe presentation of the Captain Ransom J. Arthur, M.D. Award is a distinct honor. This is one opportunity that United States Masters Swimming has to recognize one out of the many thousands of volunteers that have made our organization so great, simply because they love the sport.

Captain Arthur was a physician with a vision. This vision was that adults needed to exercise—a unique concept at the time. He also felt that a competitive side would encourage training and camaraderie. Here we are at the 34th National Short Course Championships proving that this was far more than a dream.

The honoree, Leo Letendre, first came to the national scene in 1983 as a support for his wife, Diane, a new delegate to the convention. Paraphrasing Diane’s comment, “Leo got to the convention, started talking, and never shut up.” He has now attended 21 USAS conventions.

Since 1983 Leo developed and continues to update the registration software that USMS is using today. He was so innovative in its production that the software is commonly referred to as “Leo Ware.” His valuable insights into the needs of USMS are enhanced by his prior experience as the chair of the Ad Hoc Computerization Committee and a member of the Professional Management and Officials Committees. Currently, he chairs the Rules Committee, where his methodical organization and calm leadership make “wet” years, or rules years in the USMS legislative calendar, as painless as possible. He actively serves on the Legislation Committee, Officials Committee, and Data Base Task Force. He has been active on the local level as Zone Representative, Ozark LMSC Chair, Officials Chair, and Top Ten Recorder.

Leo’s tireless work ethic and dedication to United States Masters Swimming have laced him in the spotlight that he deserves today. United States Masters Swimming is proud to recognize Leo today.

Recipients of The Speedo/U.S. Masters Swimming Coach Of The Year Award

  Scott WilliamsScott coached The Olympic Club masters in 2004.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

  Robert ZeitnerIllinois LMSC
  Mary Beth WindrathMinnesota LMSC
  Dotty WhitcombSoutheastern LMSC
  George SimonNorth Carolina LMSC
  Anna Lea RoofMissouri Valley LMSC
  Jeff MoxieSouthern Pacific LMSC
  Mark W. Moore
  Cris Meier-WindesPacific LMSC
  Dennis McManusMichigan LMSC
  David LamottSan Diego - Imperial LMSC
  Mary Meyer HullSouthern Pacific LMSC
  Cheryl GettelfingerIndiana LMSC
  Marilyn FinkSan Diego - Imperial LMSC
  Trisha CommonsSouthern Pacific LMSC
  Joan AlexanderPacific LMSC

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Fitness Award

  Jody WelbornJody Welborn received the U.S. Masters Fitness Award in 2004. Jodi, as a member of the Oregon Masters, was director of the 2004 Check Off Challenge. This event allows for swimmers of all levels to test their skills in all of the events contested in pool meets without the stress of attending a meet. Not to say that swimming the event in a meet does not count toward the outcome, it is just that it is not necessary to contest the event in a meet setting. The event attracted more than 300 participants allowing the Oregon Masters to reap the benefits in the amount of $1500.00, making this a very successful year for the event.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming National Championship Meets Award

  Hill Carrow

Recipients of The USMS Athletes Inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF)

  Aldo da RosaHonor Swimmer
  Paul HutingerHonor Swimmer
  Frank PiemmeHonor Swimmer
  Laura ValHonor Swimmer

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Newsletter Of The Year Award

  David RadcliffAqua-Master (Oregon LMSC)

Recipients of The David Yorzyk Memorial Award

  Barbara Dunbar
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