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USMS Award Recipients

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming June Krauser Communications Award

The June Krauser Communications Award is presented annually to a USMS registered individual, or group, whose work in communications has contributed to the growth, improvement, or success of United States Masters Swimming locally, regionally, or nationally.

To submit a nomination, follow the instructions and complete the nomination form from the link below.

Submit nominations electronically to Nancy Ridout at nancyridout AT usms DOT org

2014 Frank 'Skip' Thompson
2013 Sally Guthrie Sally has served as the LMSC Webmaster and Newsletter Editor since 2005. She has reached out to members who don't use the internet by developing a paper newsletter that keeps them informed. Sally continues to keep the website up to date and produce newsletters even though she assumed the position of LMSC Chair in 2011.
2012 Phillip Whitten The author of 18 books and over 300 major articles on swimming and other topics, Phil is one of the world's lading advocates for swimming at all levels. His writings have contributed to not only the growth, improvement, and success of USMS, but to swimming as a sport and a lifelong pursuit of fitness for Masters swimming worldwide.
2011 Jane Katz Jane has written more than a dozen books on swimming or aquatics, contributed to scores of periodicals, presented at more than 100 lectures, and released four videos. In fact her nomination included 21 pages of references. She is a remarkable ambassador for US Masters Swimming.
2010 Pacific Masters LMSC The Pacific Masters Communications team includes Joanne Berven - newsletter editor, Caroline Lambert - Facebook guru, Tracy Barbates, chief tweeter, and Michael Moore - Webmaster.
2009 Meg Smath Meg served as editor of the USMS Rule Book for over a decade, as USMS Secretary for 4 years, and as Webmaster and newsletter editor for her club. She served as part of the transitional team and was a "guiding light" in the creation and launch of SWIMMER Magazine.
2008 Dr. Paul Hutinger Paul was recognized for his pioneer communications efforts and continued service to his club swimmers and USMS.
2007 Julie Heather Julie serves her LMSC as registrar, Top 10 recorder, newsletter editor, and SPMA librarian. She instigated many innovative ideas including distributing the newsletter with the USMS magazine and holding conference call instead face-to-face meetings.
2006 Lynn Hazlewood Nomination for Lynn Hazlewood 2006 USMS Communications Award: Lynn has been an active part of the USMS Communications Committee since it was created, and has been an important contributor to the USMS web site. She has also maintained the Long Distance Section of the USMS web site, and the USMS Calendar of Events for several years.Lynn's tireless behind-the-scenes activities during the development of SWIMMER magazine have been nothing short of extraordinary. In 2004, Lynn led the process of involving USMS members in advisory roles with the Transition Team, the Content Proofing Team, and the Editorial Board. While others were focused primarily on editorial content, Lynn realized very early on that USMS needed its own business management group for the magazine. In 2005, she developed the proposal to make the Editorial Board into the Editorial Committee, and the Committee became a standing committee in a time when USMS was actively seeking to reduce the number of committees. Lynn handpicked committee members for the new committee, held monthly conference calls with meeting minutes, and developed an editorial policy manual. Furthermore, she meticulously documented the whole process.Along with her strong direction of the business management, Lynn has been a guiding light for the editorial direction of the magazine. She has always asked us to think about who we are as an organization, and has challenged us to think of new ways to serve our members. She has actively participated in the annual planning of the magazine during the first two years, and has proposed several ideas relating to the balance of content and new types of content.I firmly believe that Lynn's volunteer activities on behalf of USMS should be the basis for more significant recognition, such as the Ransom Arthur Award, and it is my great pleasure to nominate her for the USMS Communications Award.
2005 June Krauser June created, edited and published the Swim Master newsletter — the first official publication of USMS. In addition to being the first-ever recipient of the USMS Communications Award, this award will henceforth be named in June's honor.
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