USMS Link Policy

United States Masters Swimming will gladly add a link to any site meeting one of the following criteria:

  • USMS Registered LMSCs and Clubs, and Workout Groups associated with USMS LMSCs or Clubs.
  • National and International Governing Bodies of Swim Organizations, including coaching associations, and regional organizations from neighboring countries.
  • National and International Governing Bodies of other related sports organizations.
  • Links to merchandise vendors will be limited to USMS sponsors and those with exclusive or reciprocal agreements with USMS. Links to commercial sites require approval by the USMS Executive Committee.
  • Indices on other Web Sites related to the sport of swimming, and non-commercial, non-affiliated Masters Swimming sites of interest.
  • Major Search Engines as determined by the Web Master.

If your page meets one of these criteria, you may request a link. Please provide the URL and a brief description of your site.

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