Psych Sheets
1998 Short Course Championships
Heat Sheets

Heat sheets for each individual event at this year's short course nationals are available here. The heat sheets are identical to those that will be in the meet program. Please note that there will be no changes made to seed times, events, or heat/lane assignments. In order to enable posting of heat sheets in future national events, your cooperation is required.Please DO NOT CALL THE MEET HOSTS to request changes to any of your information found on this web site! The hosts are very busy with final meet preparation at this time. If your name, age, or team is incorrect in the heat sheets, please provide the corrections for scoring purposes when you check in at the meet. Several team corrections have already been identified and corrected for scoring purposes, but are not reflected in the heat sheets.

The heat sheets show that this will be a very fast meet! Good luck to all swimmers, and enjoy the meet.


W 1000 Free M 1000 Free
W 1650 Free M 1650 Free
W 100 Fly M 100 Fly
W 50 Breast M 50 Breast
W 100 Back M 100 Back
W 200 Free M 200 Free
W 400 IM M 400 IM
W 200 Back M 200 Back
W 50 Free M 50 Free
W 200 IM M 200 IM
W 50 Fly M 50 Fly
W 100 Breast M 100 Breast
W 500 Free
W 100 IM M 100 IM
W 200 Fly M 200 Fly
W 100 Free M 100 Free
W 200 Breast M 200 Breast
W 50 Back M 50 Back
M 500 Free  
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