Open Water & Long Distance All-Stars

Each year, the Long Distance Committee selects an All-Star team. After the team is selected, the National Office sends letters of congratulations to the swimmers and a USMS Sponsor awards the All-Stars with a gift.

2021 All-Stars
2020 All-Stars - due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no All-Stars were awarded
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All-Star Requirements

To become an All-Star, a swimmer must accumulate the highest number of points in a series of national championships held throughout the year. If a swimmer scores points in one age group and ages up to another age group in the course of a year, their points are transferred up to the new age group. Ties for All-Star status are allowed.

  • Long Distance National Championships Recognition Updates:

    ePostal Series Challenge: As an acknowledgement of pandemic effects continuing into 2021, a USMS member may earn an ePostal Series Challenge recognition patch by successfully completing three or more of the five 2021 ePostal events (1-Hour, 5K, 10K, 3000-yard, 6000-yard).

    All-Star Recognition: The Long Distance Committee will be naming a Long Distance All-Star team in 2021. To be considered for this recognition, a USMS member needs to complete a minimum of three Long Distance National Championship events in 2021: one ePostal National Championship, one Open Water National Championship (OWNC) and one additional event that may be either an ePostal or OWNC.

Point Awards

Points are awarded for 1st through 10th place as follows:

1st place = 22 points
2nd place = 18 points
3rd place = 16 points
4th place = 14 points
5th place = 12 points
6th place = 10 points
7th place = 8 points
8th place = 6 points
9th place = 4 points
10th place = 2 points

1995 Event Requirements

All-Star status was determined in 1995 by accumulating points in the individual Long Distance Championships plus finishes in "mile" events in the pool according to the Top Ten list. To qualify for All-Star consideration, swimmers needed to swim in only one event.

1996 & 1997 Event Requirements

In 1996 and 1997, swimmers received points from the LD National Championships only. To qualify for All-Star consideration, swimmers needed to swim in only one event.

Event Requirements Since 1998

At Convention in 1997, the LD Committee decided that the requirements needed to be more challenging. Effective for 1998:

"to be considered for the Long Distance All Star Team, a swimmer must compete in at least three National Championship Long Distance Events, of which one must be an open water event and one must be a postal event."