2010 Summer National Championships


Final results are available below by age group. Results are also available by event in the real time results area (relay splits are availalbe here), in our searchable meet results and in a zip archive containing a text file for each LMSC (useful for adding results to your newsletters).

The 1.5K open water swim results are also available.

Women's Results:
W18-24 | W25-29 | W30-34 | W35-39 | W40-44 | W45-49 | W50-54 | W55-59 | W60-64 | W65-69 | W70-74 | W75-79 | W80-84

Men's Results:
M18-24 | M25-29 | M30-34 | M35-39 | M40-44 | M45-49 | M50-54 | M55-59 | M60-64 | M65-69 | M70-74 | M75-79 | M80-84 | M85-89

Relay Results:
Women's Relays | Men's Relays | Mixed Relays

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Open Water Swim Results: