2010 USMS Summer Nationals Heat/Pscyh Sheets

Heat/Psych Sheets

Psych Sheets are available below for all individual events. All events of 200 meters or less, plus the 400 freestyle events are pre-seeded and heat sheets are shown below. Events of 800 meters or longer and the 400 IM will be deck-seeded and will require positive check-in at the meet or via the online check-in system. The heat sheets for the deck-seeded events will be available at the pool for swimmers after the check-in deadlines.

A decision has also been made to swim the men and women's 800 and 1500 Freestyle events separately (men and women will not be combined into common heats). The women's 800 will be the first event on Monday, followed by the men's 800, then the women's 1500, and finally the men's 1500.

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