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Web Support

Customers can communicate with the web team through the Web Request Form or by sending an email directly to support AT usms DOT org. Before requesting support, please review Section III - Web Services Management of the Web Management Guidelines to understand the types of support available and how your request will be handled.

When asking for help with existing services, please describe your problem as completely as possible. When asking for new services or a major enhancement to existing services, the things you should be sure to include in the request are:

  1. A high level description of the request, describing the purpose of the new functionality. This should be an overview in plain English, not in terms of specific pages you would like to see or designs you would like to see.
  2. Identify the customers for this web functionality. Who do you expect to visit the pages requested, and how often do you expect them to visit them?
  3. Identify the benefit to USMS, and/or the detriment to USMS if this is not done.
  4. Where will the web team be able to obtain the information required for the requested web functionality? Is there a contact person(s) who will supply this info? If so, please provide their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. If the information will be culled from external sources that already exist on the web somewhere or in print, please provide details.
  5. How often will the web pages associated with this new functionality need to be updated, and what do you envision the triggers to be for needed updates? Will a contact person be involved in providing update information? Would you prefer a password-protected administration area where a designated committee member(s) could update the info directly? Is such an arrangement required due to the expected frequency or volume of updated data?
  6. Is there a specific time frame in which this functionality is required? Please distinguish between specific date requirements dictated by external factors and your desired date requirements. We'll take both into consideration, but they are quite different in nature.
  7. Do you have a specific set of web pages or designs in mind for this request? If so, please provide whatever you have. Be aware that the design of web pages that are released at is the ultimate responsibility of the web team, however. We have the task of ensuring that our entire site works well together as one cohesive offering and as such are not apt to produce widely varying designs from section to section.
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