Election 2011

Welcome to the 2011 USMS National Elections information site. The election will be held during the 2011 Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates. This election cycle, we will elect USMS officers (president, vice president of administration, vice president of community services, vice president of local operations, vice president of programs, secretary and treasurer). Descriptions and duties of the officers are contained in ARTICLE 505.3 of the Code of Regulations. Processes for the election are governed by the current Election Operating Guidelines. Please read all information carefully and refer to the Election Schedule in APPENDIX A of these guidelines to avoid misunderstandings.




The following candidates have been qualified and slated as of June 23, 2011. Details and statements from each candidate are linked from the candidate's name. A single PDF with all candidates details is also available here.


Nominations are now closed.

The initial nomination period closed as of April 30 for USMS Officers. In accordance with our Election Operating Guidelines and the USMS Board of Directors, an extended special nomination period is authorized from May 3 through June 15 for any position without an incumbent candidate.  The office of president has 2 non-incumbent and the office of vice president of community services has no candidates.  Therefore the election committee is soliciting nominations for both of these positions.

To place your name in nomination for an officer position, download the nomination packet and election guidelines or request them by email from Election Chair Rob Copeland. Please read the entire packet and guidelines and return the Candidate Questionnaire/Consent-to-Run Form to the election chair by the nomination deadline.

To be eligible for nomination, candidates shall: 1) be members in good standing of U.S. Masters Swimming for the year when the election is held; 2) have attended more than one USMS annual meeting of the National House of Delegates in the preceding five years; 3) plan to attend the annual meeting of the National House of Delegates for the election year in which they are standing for election, and plan to attend all House of Delegates meetings during their tenure; and 4) candidates for director shall be a resident and a member of the Zone from which they are seeking election.