2005 USMS National Elections
Nomination Packet

To place your name in nomination for a USMS Board of Directors position, download this nomination packet or request one by email from the Election Chair. Please read the entire Packet and return the relevant documents to the Election Chair by April 30, 2005.

To be eligible for nomination, candidates shall: 1) be members in good standing of United States Masters Swimming, Inc. for the year when the Election is held; 2) have attended more than one USMS National HOD Meeting in the preceding five (5) years; and 3) plan to attend the HOD Meeting for the Election year in which they are standing for election, and plan to attend all HOD Meetings during their tenure. Candidates for Director shall be a resident and a member of the Zone from which they are seeking election.

The packet is in four parts:

  1. Instruction Letter - This letter contains your instructions for completion of the documents required to be nominated.
  2. Candidate Questionnaire/Consent-to-Run Form - This is a Word file containing the Candidate questionnaire. If you cannot read Word files, a Rich Text version has been posted which most word processors can utilize.
  3. Election Operating Guidelines - The guidelines govern the election process and inform you of the requirements you will need to fulfill as a candidate.
  4. Board of Directors - This is a description of the positions to be elected and their duties.
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