Encouraging More Adults to Swim
Newsletter Hints

The USMS Planning Committee developed these hints using questionnaires sent to all LMSCs.

Possible Contributors

  • LMSC officers and committee chairs
  • Clubs reporting activities
  • Regular columnists
  • Coaches or swimmers submitting favorite workouts

 Possible Topics

  • Meet entries
  • Meet results
  • Write-up about meets
  • Places to swim with workout times
  • Social and locker room chit chat about members
  • News-making activities of members
  • Technique articles
  • Workouts
  • Health articles
  • Weight training
  • Open water events
  • Triathlons
  • List those who are aging up
  • Focus on a member
  • Calendar of local meets
  • List officers
  • List website address
  • Top Ten from your LMSC

 Hints to Make Editing the Newsletter Easier

  • Use an electronic folder for articles to be used in each issue. Aim to receive articles by email or to download them.
  • Keep a folder for "fillers"—short articles or workouts to fill a page. Pictures and graphics also work well.
  • Use a familiar computer program. Start out just using a word processor (there are templates for newsletters). Some LMSCs use word processors, some use publishing programs—whatever works. Switch to a publishing program as you feel comfortable.
  • If possible, use a professional printer for printing, collating, mailing the newsletter. Your Registrar can provide addresses electronically, on a disk or can produce labels.
  • If you cannot afford to use a printer for collating and mailing, get a workout group to help one day after practice.
  • Set a format and stick with it.
  • Recruit others to contribute regularly. Once contributors see their articles in print, they tend to send new articles. Possible items: columns, profiles, meet write-ups, workouts, nutrition, and news about members.
  • Use the USMS website as a source for articles. Go to www.usms.org. Check the list on the left of the screen.
  1. LMSC Info: Click here and a map pops up. Select an LMSC to get a link to that LMSCs Website. Many LMSCs publish their newsletters online.
  2. Fitness: Provides an article per month.
  3. Training: Articles on drills, etc.
  4. Links to other sources can be found at http://www.usms.org/links/

*** When using articles from another source, be sure to get permission, list the author and the location of the article (website, another LMSC’s newsletter, etc).***

  • Use Hy-Tek to print results in a condensed format (small print and three columns). This option works well for newsletters.
  • Find a local swimmer who has a digital camera. Pictures can be emailed and inserted into newsletter.
  • Have someone proofread.
  • Have contributors send articles electronically. Try not to retype anything.
  • Develop a list of website addresses for various clubs and LMSCs that have a good newsletter.
  • Try to include more than just meet entries, results and announcements. Include at least one article on technique, training, etc.
  • Ask other LMSCs or clubs to include you on their mailing list.
  • Two excellent sources for graphics/clipart are www.swim-city.com and www.swimgraphics.com.Be sure to include the website address when using their graphics.
  • When using photos in newsletters, particularly online newsletters, be sure to reduce the file size so the photos don't cause loading and printing problems.
  • Distribution method hint: E-mail a link to the electronic newsletter rather than attaching it to an e-mail.


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