Encouraging More Adults to Swim
2009 USMS Award Recipients

Recipients of The Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. Award

  Julie HeatherSouthern Pacific LMSC

Recipients of The Speedo/U.S. Masters Swimming Coach Of The Year Award

  Nancy Kirkpatrick-RenoNancy coaches the Conejo Valley Multisport Masters.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

  Chris StevensonThe LMSC for Virginia is truly indebted to Chris Stevenson for his work, dedication, and leadership. Chris first volunteered to be the chair of the LMSC Top Ten and Records Committee. He is so efficient that sometimes it seems he has the records updated before most people drive home from the meet. He is a tremendous help to meet directors in documenting and submitting record applications. He has also worked on the USMS Records and Tabulation Committee, serving this year as vice chair. Chris agreed to be vice chair of the LMSC and this, of course, led to his becoming LMSC chair. At the same time, has maintained the Top Ten submissions and the LMSC records. As part of his leadership role, he has recruited and involved "new blood" for LMSC leadership positions. What sets Chris apart from so many volunteers is the fact that he is always looking for an innovative, "better" way of doing things. He is supportive of event directors and LMSC committee chairs, while encouraging them to try something different. He is always available to help get the job done.
  Mark SellsMark Sells is one of several recipients of the 2009 USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award. He is currently the webmaster and secretary for Minnesota Masters Swimming. He also maintains a Master swimming website: ysguysswimming.com. He is the Masters team liaison from the downtown YMCA to both the Minnesota Masters program and USMS swim programs. He has been swimming and competing in Masters events since the mid nineties. More importantly, Mark is an enthusiastic ambassador for Masters swimming. He tirelessly works with swimmers at his local pool, encouraging them to improve their swimming ability, and eventually recruiting them to become Masters swimmers.
  Janet RennerJanet Renner has been a Masters swimmer since the early 80's, when she lived in Lake Tahoe and swam with Sierra Nevada Masters. She moved to Hawaii in the mid 80's, and became involved as a swimmer and a coach on Maui. Janet started two clubs on this island (Maui Masters Swim Club and Valley Isle Masters), and has organized 50+ open water swims to the point that Masters now has six annual swims plus the channel swim. All these swims are also open to and sanctioned by USA-S Hawaiian Swimming on Maui. She continues as the race director for two of these swims herself (Swim for the Heart and the Maui Roughwater Swim). Janet runs pool meets as well, including the 1997 Pan Pacific Championships at the Lahaina Pool and the 2002 Short Course Nationals on Oahu at the University of Hawaii Pool. She is well known to swimmers who vacation in Maui because her workouts are always open to visitors. Fourteen years ago Janet stepped up and took on the LMSC chair position and she's done a wonderful job.
  Paul FreemanPaul Freeman has served as PNA's editor of "The WetSet" since March 2003. Paul's predecessors set a high mark, one that earned the USMS Newsletter of the Year Award for "The WetSet" in 2000. Paul's efforts have been no less impressive - "The WetSet" was again recognized as the Newsletter of the Year in 2005. Often, with little more than rudimentary facts about an event, Paul is able to write an effective description that conveys the excitement and fun experienced by the attendees. He continually challenges our members to submit articles, offering his full support to edit whatever they're willing to provide into an interesting finished story. Paul has maintained his cheerful and enthusiastic demeanor in both newsletter production and swimming. He tells us he stays involved because he admires the commitment he sees in the other PNA board members. Paul is an example of volunteerism at its best.
  Barbara DelanoisBarbara Delanois has contributed to the Illinois LMSC as legal counsel, as chair of our Ad-Hoc Legal Task Force, and as treasurer. Her advice was invaluable in the recent revisions to the ILMSA By-Laws. Additionally, she volunteered the services of her law office to process payments for registration fees and sanctions. This assistance vastly improved our abilities to track and audit our funds. Barb works diligently and comports herself as a consummate professional, and the Illinois LMSC is fortunate to benefit from her help and support. Barb started swimming in 2001 and jumped right in and assisted in organizing the local Danville YMCA workout group. Barb is secretary of the local workout group, has bought time clocks for the pool for our workouts and she also helps organize the workout group for YMCA Masters Nationals.
  Lisa DahlLisa Dahl brings great enthusiasm to PNA, making real changes in how we do our work. Lisa joined Masters swimming in 2003 after very successful age group, college and coaching careers. Once she began competing, she saw a need in the local organization for her skills and abilities. Lisa's first major contribution to PNA was stepping up in 2006 to coordinate marketing for the PNA-hosted 2007 Short Course Nationals. She took marketing to new levels by contacting local businesses for contributions of in-kind services, food for hospitality and cash donations for the event. She coordinated most effectively with sponsors both locally and nationally to gather donations for swimmers' goodie bags. These were subsequently pronounced "best ever" for a nationals meet. On the planning committee, Lisa made invaluable suggestions from her coaching and competing background. She then worked tirelessly during the meet to assemble more than 80 relays for our 350 PNA swimmers attending. Lisa is in her second term as vice-chair of PNA, having been elected to that office in 2006. During her tenure, PNA has undertaken more new initiatives than in any recent three-year period, often as a direct result of Lisa's influence. Some of those initiatives are: encouraging swimmers to compete in their first meet by offering "new swimmer" goodie bags; sponsoring and coordinating a "new swimmer" clinic that includes a practice swim meet; and developing policies and approaches for PNA to sponsor one or more coaches at national meets.
  Christopher ColburnChris Colburn, from the Illinois LMSC, has been involved with Masters swimming before he was able to join due to the age restrictions. As a youngster in 1990, he coached Masters swimmers that were attached to Adirondack LMSC and then joined Masters swimming in 1993. He also coached for six years in the Delaware Valley LMSC. He moved to Illinois in 1999 and became involved with coaching and swimming Masters at Rush-Copley, followed by Naperville Waves, and currently at Academy Bullets. Chris is the current Head Masters coach at Academy Bullets and has grown this program from a few swimmers to a year-round Masters program. He has hosted swimmer's clinics in Central Illinois and surrounding areas of Chicago over the past few years. Chris has contributed to the LMSC and has served on the Communication and Coaches committees. He was voted by the membership as Vice Chair of Illinois LMSC (ILMSA) in 2005. He also served as the webmaster/IT director and has restructured the LMSC website. This past year, Chris was elected as Chair of ILMSA. At the national level, Chris has been involved with USMS Coaches Committee, currently serving as chair.
  William ClevelandBill Cleveland has been a continuous member of Louisiana Masters for over 10 years. He has been a delegate four times at the USMS National Convention, and serves as a member of the USMS Coaches Committee. He also served on the Marketing and Legislation Committees and contributed to the work of several other USMS committees, including Rules, Publications, and Open Water/Long Distance. For the past decade, Bill has served as the chair, vice chair and newsletter editor of Southern LMSC. He has also been a meet director, hosting many pool meets and clinics in Shreveport, and open water clinics and races, giving those in Louisiana an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of USMS events. Rounding out his talents, he is also a Certified Swimming Stroke and Turn Judge in the LSC.
  Jerry ClarkJerry Clark is the Chairman of North Carolina Masters, an LMSC club of over 900 swimmers. Besides being the chairman, he has been known to organize North Carolina team relays at the national championships. For the past eleven years, Jerry has been the meet director for the January Charlotte Masters Sunbelt Championships. The Charlotte Masters Championship is one of three short course yards meets in North Carolina which regularly has over 200 competitors. Jerry has been very active in the local swimming community. Charlotte has needed to expand its swimming facilities and Jerry has been working tirelessly to get the funding and approval for a new 50-meter pool for Charlotte. On the national level, Jerry has served on the Championship Committee, Rules Committee, Legislation Committee, and Coaches Committee.
  Christie CirauloThree years ago, Christie Ciraulo took over the Open Water Committee for Southern Pacific. She resurrected the open water points competition, and has been working with all of our open water events to ensure compliance with USMS rules, publicity to attract participants, and coordination of information for the newsletter. The open water points competition requires tallying all of the results from all of the open water events to determine the winners, purchasing awards and delivering the awards to the swimmers. This is an enormous amount of work, and it has helped our open water swims reach record participation in the last few years. Christie has also been working with new venues to add additional open water events to our schedule. This year we are looking forward to a new swim in Lake Mead. In addition, Christie is a valued member of the Southern Pacific Committee, and supports our efforts on the club, LSMC and national level.
  Marcia AnzianoMarcia Anziano has been an ultra-active volunteer for COMSA for the past 10 years. She has chaired several local committees in Colorado (including Fitness, Coaches, Sanctions, and Safety), and she has been elected by the membership into the Registrar, Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair positions. She has also been the Breadbasket Zone Chair, and held this position while she was chairing the COMSA LMSC. Marcia is currently a member of the USMS Legislation Committee and is the Chair of the USMS Fitness Committee. As the Coaches and Fitness chairs for COMSA, Marcia brought over 10 clinics to the LMSC, coordinating with the USMS Coaches committee to bring new perspectives to COMSA through the USMS Mentor Coach and Swimmer Clinics. She won the COMSA Service award two times (2003 and 2007). One of the new programs that Marcia brought to the LMSC is the open water workout agreement that she negotiated with a local lake. Marcia's tireless dedication to Masters swimming both at the local and national level is unequaled. She's a great volunteer and has more than earned this recognition.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Kerry O'Brien Coaching Award

  Jay ChristiansenJay coaches the Central Valley All Stars.
  Christopher ColburnChris coaches the Academy Bullets Masters.
  Dyann Charette DancyDyann coaches the Germantown Maryland Masters.
  Linda GilchristLinda coaches the Alameda Aquatic Masters.
  Dana KirkDana coaches the South Palo Alto Masters.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Year Award

  Mission Viejo Nadadores
  Noblesville Adult Swim Team

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming June Krauser Communications Award

  Meg SmathMeg served as editor of the USMS Rule Book for over a decade, as USMS Secretary for 4 years, and as Webmaster and newsletter editor for her club. She served as part of the transitional team and was a "guiding light" in the creation and launch of SWIMMER Magazine.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming National Championship Meets Award

  Barry Fasbender

Recipients of The Ted Haartz U.S. Masters Swimming Staff Appreciation Award

  F.H. Ted HaartzTed helped establish the foundation for U.S. Masters Swimming’s evolution into a professionally operated organization. During Haartz’s tenure as President, U.S. Masters Swimming became the only self-governed Masters organization in the world. This award is named after Ted to forever acknowledge his contributions.

Recipients of The USMS Athletes Inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF)

  Margery MeyerHonor Swimmer
  Gertrud Zint

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Newsletter Of The Year Award

  Shannon SchwartzMountain View Masters Swimming and Social Club

Recipients of The David Yorzyk Memorial Award

  Alek ShestakovAlek was honored for having the best performance in the 400 IM at Short Course Nationals in Clovis, CA.
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