USMS Award Recipients
Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming National Championship Meets Award

Presented by the Raleigh Area Masters Swim Team in cooperation with the USMS Championship Committee.

This annual award is presented to someone who makes significant contributions to USMS National Championship meets. The award recognizes efforts to assist USMS and meet hosts in providing excellent competitive conditions for championship racing or otherwise contributing to the success of USMS National Championships or national championship-level competitions (including international meets) held in the U.S.

2014 Jacki Allender
2013 Ed Saltzman The USMS National Championships Award was originated by the Raleigh Area Masters Swim Team and is presented each year by RAM. The award began with a focus on meet directors at national meets, but with the assistance of the Championship Committee, was changed to focus on significant contributions to our national championships and similar meets. This year's winner has been a member of the Championship Committee since 2010 and has been instrumental in a variety of areas that have enhanced our national championships. He was Meet Director of the 2010 Spring Nationals in Atlanta and hosted an excellent meet. As Officials Chair, he has always worked to assist, and improve upon, the operations of our national meets. He has taken that knowledge from championships, as meet director, and officials chair to do an extensive re-write of the Meet Director's Guide. All together, he has made many contributions that have elevated the quality of our national championship meets and, therefore, he is very deserving of this recognition. Accordingly, we are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2013 USMS National Championship Meets Award is Ed Saltzman.
2012 Jeffrey Roddin Jeff chairs the USMS Championship Committee. His focus on working together and his amazing attention to detail has taken Championship meets to new heights in recent years.
2011 Herb Schwab Herb has served as the Administrative Referee at many USMS National Championship meets, which will include both championships in 2012 (Greensboro and Omaha). He patiently deals with upset swimmers, willingly suggests changes to improve meets, works well with meet management, and makes for a great team with Hytek and meet referees.
2010 Mark Moore
2009 Barry Fasbender
2008 Tom Taylor Tom received this year for his many years of service at USMS Nationals running the Hy-Tek computer program.
2007 Bob and Helen Brown Administrative Referees, Starter Officials, and numerous other officiating roles, they have devoted their lives to supporting the competitive efforts of USMS.
2006 Michael Moore
2005 Tracy Grilli
2004 Hill Carrow
2003 Mark Gill
2002 Carolyn Boak
2001 Hugh Moore
Jane Moore
2000 Walt Eggert
Anneliese Eggert
1999 Jim Matysek
1998 Stu Marvin
1997 Sandi Rousseau
1996 Ted Haartz
1995 Mel Goldstein
John Zell
1994 Betty Barry
Tom Boak
Gene Donner
George Mc Vey
1993 June Krauser
Wayde Mulhern
Paul Windrath
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