USMS Award Recipients
Recipients of The Ted Haartz U.S. Masters Swimming Staff Appreciation Award

The award is named in honor of Ted Haartz, a leader in U.S. Masters Swimming since 1970. Ted helped establish the foundation for U.S. Masters Swimming’s evolution into a professionally operated organization. During Haartz’s tenure as President, U.S. Masters Swimming became the only self-governed Masters organization in the world.

This award recognizes one individual each year who demonstrates excellence in assisting and supporting the U.S. Masters Swimming staff in the national office with its professional duties of servicing, promoting, and building the membership. This award celebrates the organization’s volunteer roots, as well as its future, specifically by recognizing efforts that support and assist the staff in its responsibilities.

2013 Jeffrey H. Roddin One of the best things about working for USMS is the opportunity to work with a passionate group of people who love swimming as much as we do. Each year, the staff has the difficult task of choosing only one volunteer to receive the Ted Haartz Staff Appreciation Award. The person we selected this year is a longtime volunteer. He’s served at the local, LMSC, and national levels. His approach to any project is organized, thoughtful, deliberate, and detailed. As an LMSC registrar who’s more technologically proficient than the average bear, he’s a formidable beta tester for programs and services designed for registrars. Whatever project he’s working on is better for his input. He’s also keenly aware of deadlines and the inner workings of the organization. He’s a gifted mediator, who wields both carrot and stick with equal precision. He’s honest and straightforward when communicating with members, volunteers, and staff. He has the ability to quickly assess a situation and formulate an appropriate response. And when the excretory material hits the turbine, and everyone else is frustrated, he uses his deliciously wicked sense of humor to distract us. Contrary to what we’ve always heard, apparently it really does take a rocket scientist to figure all this out. So it is my honor to stand up here, represent the staff, and give a big stick to a guy who really knows how to use one, along with carrots, whine, and cheese, Mr. Jeffrey Roddin.
2012 Ed Tsuzuki Ed has gone above and beyond in providing guidance to various national staff members. Over the past two years he has assisted with all of the pre-convention communication, including the Delegate Welcome Letter and the new Delegate Survival Guide. Ed created an educational and entertaining New Delegate Orientation presentation that is shown during the first House of Delegates meeting and he has assisted with the workshop schedule, serving as the liaison to the LMSC Development Committee. Ed has assisted the staff in distributing grants to selected LMSCs that allow them to fund a delegate to the convention. He also assisted with communications and mentoring for a couple of LMSCs whose officers needed assistance with issues within their LMSCs. Ed has been a tremendous help to the USMS webmaster, too. His work on the Records & Tabulation committee was instrumental in the transition from an off-line Top10 process to the current integration of the event results database and the Top10 database. As the leader of the E2EEM task force, he did a great job of integrating both staff and volunteer input in the development of the online event sanction database and tools. Ed is reasonable to work with and digs in to understand the burdens on both the volunteers and the staff while seeking out the best solution for USMS. Ed manages to stay involved and up-to-date while maintaining a grueling international travel schedule for his “real” job. If you ever wonder where he is today, look no further than his Facebook page for photos of the pool he just swam in and the exotic meal that he just ate!
2011 Ralph Davis Under Ralph Davis, USMS has created an Audit Committee and Investment Committee. The Audit Committee meets annually face to face and has selected new auditors that specialize in non-profit accounting. An annual audit is now provided for USMS to ensure the organization is safeguarded and financially transparent. The Investment Committee likewise selected investment managers, meets annually and is responsible for implementing the USMS Investment policy. During this time Ralph oversaw the selection, purchase and installation of new accounting software. To the staff, Ralph has been a valuable resource, sounding board, and mentor. When it came time to bring production of SWIMMER magazine in house, Ralph was there to help staff review the responsibilities, contract and financial saving to USMS of more than $100,000 a year. When the employment management services provider changed, Ralph was instrumental as well in ensuring the organization and employees were protected. What you may not know, is that Ralph is a heart transplant recipient. He’s competed in the Transplant Games taking home his share of ribbons. Ralph has had a change of heart, but his commitment to USMS is unwavering.
2010 George Simon George has been the USMS Registration Committee chair since 2005. During the summer of 2007 he was very involved with the development and testing of the on line registration system. He led the weekly calls with the software developers where discussions of problems and enhancements occurred and he continues to be an active participant. George developed the On Line Tutorials which assist the LMSC registrars with instructions on how to use the program, create reports, and fix errors. He continues to monitor and correct billing and invoice problems that sometimes occur when a member makes a mistake while registering. George's assistance and support has been tremendously valuable to the USMS staff and the success of the USMS on line registration program.
2009 F.H. Ted Haartz Ted helped establish the foundation for U.S. Masters Swimming’s evolution into a professionally operated organization. During Haartz’s tenure as President, U.S. Masters Swimming became the only self-governed Masters organization in the world. This award is named after Ted to forever acknowledge his contributions.
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