U.S. Masters Swimming and FINA Rules

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2020 U.S. Masters Swimming Code Of Regulations And Rules Of Competition

This is an online version of the official Rule Book. If there are any discrepancies between this online version and the printed publication, the online version will take precedence. Printed versions of the official publication can be purchased from the National Office for $10 per copy for shipping and handling ($6 per copy for a mini Rule Book). Contact the national office at 941-256-8767 or via email to order.

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Dedication, change summary, table of contents, glossary
Part 1: Swimming Rules
Part 2: Administrative Regulations of Competition
Part 3: Long Distance Swimming Rules
Part 4: Participation, Conduct, Hearings and Appeals
Part 5: United States Masters Swimming, Inc.: Organization and Bylaws
Part 6: Amendment Procedures
Appendix A: Records
Appendix B: Information for Meet Directors and Officials
Appendix C: National and International Masters Swimming Schedule
Appendix D: Zone and LMSC Boundaries
Appendix E: U.S. Masters Swimming Directory*
Appendix F: U.S. Masters Swimming History

* Section updated since original printed publication

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Important Updates

9/19/17 FINA Changes to USMS Rules
7/25/16 Open Water Awards
6/26/16 Therapeutic tape
6/26/16 Warmup in dual-sanctioned meets
10/3/15 FINA Medley Relay Interpretation
9/11/15 FINA IM Interpretation and FAQ
4/3/15 Technical Suit FAQ
12/1/14 Timing of dolphin kick in breaststroke
1/24/14 Separated hands in breaststroke and butterfly
9/25/13 FINA Changes to USMS Rules
2/14/13 Open Water Sanctions Update memo from President Nadine Day
3/14/12 Breaststroke rules interpretation - initiation of the arm pull