USMS Swimmer Info

Status: Current Member
Name: Julie F Dussliere
LMSC: Florida Gold Coast
Most Recent Club: Swim Fort Lauderdale (SFTL)

Swimming Achievements for Julie F Dussliere:

USMS Service & Recognition for Julie F Dussliere:

  • Current USMS National Positions Held:
    Vice President of Administration (EMail)
    Governance Committee Member 2021 - Present
    Legislation Committee Member 2024 - Present
    Records and Tabulation Committee Member 2024 - Present
    Rules Committee Member 2024 - Present
    Currently the EC Liaison for: Legislation Committee, Records and Tabulation Committee, Membership Committee, and Rules Committee
  • Previous USMS National Committee Positions Held:
    Records and Tabulation Committee Member 2023 - 2023
    Rules Committee Member 2018 - 2023
    Coaches Committee Member 2000 - 2002