2017 June Membership Contest

Thank you for signing up to welcome potential swimmers to your workouts during Try Masters Swimming Week.This special week is designed to bring more people into the sport of swimming. 

We want to recognize clubs, coaches, and workout groups who help us grow!

June 2017 Membership Contest

Congratulations to these clubs and workout groups who had the highest percentage of swimmers to join USMS or renew their memberships!

Tier 1: 75+ members

Tier 2: 26-74 members

Tier 3: 25 or fewer members

Peninsula Community Center Masters (PCCM)

Oakdale Aquatics Masters (OAQM)

Tide Swimming (TIDE)

Dallas Aquatic Masters (DAMM)

Bozeman Masters Swimming Club (BOZE)

Pearland Aquatics Masters (PEAQ)

Zionsville Aquatic Masters (ZAM)

Southern Utah Swimming Association (SUSA)

Lake Norman YMCA Masters (LKNY)

Thank you for your tremendous and outstanding efforts throughout the June Membership Contest! 

The top three clubs or workout groups in each tier will receive the following:

  • First Place
  • Second Place
    • Complimentary 2018 National Coaches Clinic registration fee ($125 value)
    • 2018 club/workout group registration fee waived ($43 + LMSC fee)
  • Third Place
    • 2018 club/workout group registration fee waived ($43 + LMSC fee)

*This exclusive contest is only available to USMS-registered clubs (local only) and workout groups that signed up to participate in the Try Masters Swimming Week by May 31, 2017.

Refer-a-Friend Program

USMS members know how awesome Masters Swimming is; it's a great way to get fit, stay healthy, and meet new friends. We want to share swimming's many benefits with others and encourage more adults to swim and now Members can Refer-a-Friend!


FIVE ways for coaches, clubs, and workout groups to grow membership:
  1. Add a USMS membership link on your club's website and Facebook page.
  2. Ask your swimmers to refer a friend and share on their social media pages.
  3. Call or email the members of your club who aren't USMS members and provide them with information about USMS membership.
  4. Put USMS membership information on the practice whiteboards.
  5. Provide incentives for membership, such as discounts on program fees or recognition on a leaderboard at your facility.

*Contest Rules

This contest is open to all USMS-registered clubs (local only) and workout groups. At the end of the contest period (June 30, 2017), the top three clubs (local only) or workout groups in each tier will be declared winners. Within each tier, in the event of a tie, the club or workout group that reached the highest number of individuals to join USMS or renew their membership first will be declared the winner.

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