Entry Instructions
1998 Long Course Championships

Entry Form Instructions

Entry Procedures
Use official entry form or photocopy of the entire form. Read all instructions and fill out form completely. Entries with "no time" in place of seed time, or with "pending" in place of a registration number on the entry form will be subject to rejection. A legible copy of each swimmer's USMS registration card or International Travel Permit (foreign entries) must accompany entry form. Failure to include a USMS card copy or International Travel Permit may result in the swimmer being charged a fee before being allowed to compete. A swimmer changing club affiliation prior to Nationals must send either a USMS registration card or letter from the local registrar with new club affiliation.

National Qualifying Times (NQTs)
Competitors may enter and swim a maximum of six (6) events. In three (3) of the six events, the competitor must have swum a time equal to or better than the NQT in the past two years. The NQTs for all events are listed in the entry information. Designate the events for which you have met the NQT with a "T" in the column designated as such. No NQTsfor women ages 85 and over and men ages 90 and over.

Filling Out Entry Blank
All events must be entered with a time. "NT" entries will be rejected. Limit three (3) individual events per day. If more than 3 events are entered on a given day, or more than 6 for the meet, the last one listed for that day/meet on the entry blank will be dropped.

Sixth Event
If six events are entered, please indicate, with the number "6," your least-desired event in the column designated with the number "6." If not indicated, your last event on the entry form may be dropped. There shall be no refunds should the Championship Committee decide to drop the sixth event.

800/1500 Meter Freestyle
A swimmer may enter both the 800 and 1500 Freestyles provided they meet the NQT in at least one of the two events. Swimmers may choose to swim two-per-lane in the 400, 800 and 1500 Freestyles. Swimmers electing to swim two-per-lane cannot change their decision at the meet.

Swimming Two-Per-Lane
Two-per-lane heats will be run prior to one-per-lane heats. Swimmers who elected to swim one-per-lane may change to two-per-lane prior to the final check-in deadline. Swimmers choosing to swim two-per-lane are cautioned that the competition lanes are seven feet wide.

$4 per individual event plus $20 surcharge per swimmer. Fees must accompany entry form and must be paid in U.S. dollars by check or money order. No credit cards accepted. Entry not complete until check has cleared bank. If questions about an entrant's check, full cash payment in U.S. dollars required before the entrant is allowed to swim. Refund requests must be in writing and received by July 16, 1998. No refunds for events not swum. The $20 surcharge also applies to relay swimmers not entered in individual events. Relay-only swimmers must submit an entry form with $20 payment by entry deadline.
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1998 USMS National Championships
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