2003 USMS Short Course Nationals Results

Final results are available here for each age group. Results are also available by event in the real time results area as well as the searchable database of results. The final team scores are also available. There is also a zip archive containing a separate text file with results for each LMSC available here, which may be useful for local newsletters.

Women's Results:
W18-24 | W25-29 | W30-34 | W35-39 | W40-44 | W45-49 | W50-54 | W55-59 | W60-64 | W65-69 | W70-74 | W75-79 | W80-84 | W85-89

Men's Results:
M18-24 | M25-29 | M30-34 | M35-39 | M40-44 | M45-49 | M50-54 | M55-59 | M60-64 | M65-69 | M70-74 | M75-79 | M80-84 | M85-89 | M90-94

Relay Results:
Women's Relays | Men's Relays | Mixed Relays

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