Heat Results

Rose Bowl Masters Weight Training & IM Clinic

Short Course Yards
Feb 21, 2015

This event was either held in a pool with a moveable bulkhead and the pool length must be certified in order to have results count towards top ten listings or event rankings OR it was held in a pool that did not meet the pool measurement standards or not all sanction/recognition standards were followed. Results from this event will not count towards the top ten list or event rankings.

Event 4, 50 Yard Butterfly
Heat 4 Results
Lane Name                           Sex/Age  Club  Seed Time  Final Time         

  1  Huth, John R                       M54   MVN      40.00          NS

  2  Orlino, Edgar                      M39  ROSE      39.74       39.37

  3  Saling, Elle                       F47  ROSE      39.60       38.74

  4  Druffel, Allis A                   F50  ROSE      38.36       38.58

  5  Lazzerini, Holly E                 F63  BGWM      38.75          NS

  6  Brelih, Dorothy A                  F55  BGWM      39.72       40.19

  7  Hirsch, Helene                     F57  TSTT      39.85          NS

  8  Grotsky, Heidi I                   F45   SWM      40.00       41.16