USMS Events

Welcome to the home page of the USMS events calendars. The USMS Calendar of Events contains all known events beginning with the current date. The USMS Long Distance Calendar contains open water and long distance events for the current year. To get your event(s) listed on the Calendars, fill out and submit the USMS Calendar Event Submission Form or email your request to the Calendar Editor. Please remember to include all pertinent information.

A Note on Listing of Non-USMS Sanctioned Meets:
It is the policy of United States Masters Swimming that each zone or local Masters swimming committee (LMSC) must determine which non-USMS sanctioned events in its geographical area will be listed on the events calendar of the USMS web site. If you request listing of a non-sanctioned meet, you may be asked to consult with the LMSC or Zone to obtain approval.

A Note to Non-USMS Members and Visitors to the USMS Calendar:
The information contained in the USMS Calendar is copyrighted and owned by USMS. While we do not mind if you copy information regarding these events and disseminate it, please note that USMS-sanctioned events require participants to join our organization. If you are a visitor to this page who disseminates information regarding USMS events, you are permitted to do so PROVIDED that, when you distribute information about USMS-sanctioned events, you state that USMS membership is required in order to participate.

A Note to USMS Members:
Not all events listed on this calendar are sanctioned by USMS, Inc. and are therefore not necessarily covered by insurance. Wherever possible, sanction/recognition information is included on the calendar. Swimmers are advised to check with meet directors to determine if an event is sanctioned. USMS Sanctioned events can be recognized by the following statement on the entry form: "Sanctioned by (LMSC name) for USMS, Inc. Sanction Number_____."

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