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Event Information

Request Type: Sanction/Recognition
Postal? No
Event Type: Competition
Course Type: Short Course Yards
Pool Measured: Yes
Sanction Type: Sanctioned by USMS
Event Country: United States Of America
Event LMSC: Maryland
Event Start Date: 03/17/2019
Event End Date: 03/17/2019
Event Title: 2018-2019 Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series Meet No 6
Series Title: Maryland LMSC Carol Chidester Series
Description: None Entered

Contact Information

Event Director

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Organization: Anne Arundel Amphibians
Name: Elizabeth Hogan
Email Address: icenrock@outlook.com
Phone Number: (301) 461-9293
Address 1: None Entered
Address 2: None Entered
City: None Entered
State: None Entered
Zip Code: None Entered
Country: United States Of America

Venue Information

Arundel Olympic Swim Center
2690 Riva Rd
Maryland 21401 USA

Entry Information

Event Website: None Entered
Link To Paper Entries: None Entered
Link To Online Entries: None Entered
Date Entries Close: 03/14/2019
Last Year's Est. Attendance: 100 - 149 People
This Year's Est. Attendance: 100 - 149 People
Entry Form: View Entry Form
Display Entry Form Publicly: No
Safety Plan: None Uploaded
"Other" Document: View Entry Form
Other Document Title: 2017-2018 CCMSS
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