Phil Whitten - Candidate for BOD Member from Southwest Zone

Phil Whitten PhotoCandidate Information

Name: Phil Whitten

LMSC: Arizona

Nominated for: BOD Member from Southwest Zone




Summary Statement

I am seeking the position of Southwest Zone Director because I have been and remain today an outspoken advocate for our sport in general and USMS in particular.  I believe I can bring a long-term perspective to the Board’s deliberations that will help us make wise decisions for the future of our organization.

Response to Questions

Why are you interested in this position and why do you believe you would be a good candidate?

I have been a member of USMS continuously for 40 years.  During that time I have both watched it grow and, primarily through my research and writing, contributed to that growth.  Having lived in the Southwest zone for 16 years, I am familiar with local as well as national and international issues  and feel I can bring a long term perspective and a significant amount of experience to the Board as USMS moves forward.

What do you consider to be the major issues facing USMS now and in the future. As a person holding an elected position within USMS, how would you address these issues?

There are a number of major issues, both internal and external, facing our organization.  Among them

  1. The long-tem viability and stability of USMS.
  2. We now have over 50,000 members.  How do we plan to get to 100,000?  Should that be a goal?  In general, what kind of growth should we be seeking and what are our strategies to achieve it?
  3. The high-tech suits.  (I believe we haven’t seen the last of them.
  4. Articulating benefits of membership better.
  5. Related to #4: improving retention rate of members.
  6. Single-event registration.
  7. Lifetime membership.
  8. Becoming a significant partner with Michelle Obama’s effots to reduce obesity.

Please list USMS committees on which you have served. Include the dates you were on the committees and the names of the committee chairs under whom you served:

  • International                                1996 - 2008                   Jim Miller et al
  • Sports Medicine & Science      1996 – 2006                  various

Please list any other experience that relates to your qualifications for the position.

  • Editor of SWIM Magaine, 1993-2006.
  • Started the New England and National All-Time Top 10 lists for all three courses and kept them for 13 years.
  • Published seminal research on aging and performance and on swimming and sexuality.
  • Put USMS on the “map” with major articles including one in Parade magazine.
  • Member of New England Board for over 12 years.

Please list any other information you would like included.

Leader in fight against doping and in saving threatened college swim tems..  Member of USAS International Committee.

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