Hugh Moore - Candidate for BOD Member from Northwest Zone

Hugh Moore PhotoCandidate Information

Name: Hugh Moore

LMSC: Pacific Northwest

Nominated for: BOD Member from Northwest Zone




Summary Statement

USMS is poised for significant membership and fiscal growth.  Our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and National Office Staff must work together to ensure that USMS continues to be a leader among adult fitness organizations.

Response to Questions

Why are you interested in this position and why do you believe you would be a good candidate?

I have been involved with Masters swimming administration for nearly 30 years and am continually looking for ways to serve USMS.  I feel that my organizational and communication skills make me an excellent candidate.  I also believe that my broad experience at team, LMSC, and national levels enables me to appreciate the diversity of our LMSCs, clubs, and individual members. 

What do you consider to be the major issues facing USMS now and in the future. As a person holding an elected position within USMS, how would you address these issues?

USMS is poised for significant membership and fiscal growth.  Future boards must work with our national office staff and ensure that the 11% growth that we enjoyed in 2009 continues.  The current board has created a task force to “explore what to do with workout groups.”  This is certainly a step in the right direction. Workout groups have been in existence since the beginning of Masters swimming.  They provide unique opportunities for camaraderie.  However, they also sometimes provide potential unfair advantages for creating relays.  I believe that it is time for USMS to create a task force to address fairness issues in competition, including workout groups, but expanded to consider other issues such as recruiting and verifying that meets are properly officiated.  If we had such a committee in the past they could have also dealt with tech suits.

Please list USMS committees on which you have served. Include the dates you were on the committees and the names of the committee chairs under whom you served:

  • Member Recognition and Awards Committee 2009-present (Sally Dillon, Chair)
  • Member LMSC Development Committee 2009-present (Doug Adamavich, Chair)
  • Chair Communications Committee, 2000-2009 (Lynn Hazlewood & Mark Gill EC liaison)
  • Member Championship Committee, 2007-2009 (Mark Moore, Chair)
  • Member, Editorial Board, 2004-2005 (Lynn Hazlewood, Chair)
  • Member ad hoc History and Archives Committee 1999-2001 (Carl House Chair)
  • Chair Zone Committee 1997-2000
  • Member, USMS Executive Committee 1997-2000 (Nancy Ridout President)
  • Chair ad hoc Professional Management Committee 1998-2000 (Nancy Ridout EC liaison)
  • Chair Officials Committee 1993 – 1997 (Suzanne Rague EC Liaison)
  • Chair Planning Committee 1991 – 1992

Please list any other experience that relates to your qualifications for the position.

My involvement at the team level as president of a 100+ member team, LMSC level as board member for over 25 years, Meet Director for four national championship swim meets, and USMS level as delegate for 25 years, has provided me with a thorough understanding of issues that face USMS, LMSCs, clubs, and individual members.

Please list any other information you would like included.

Swimming has been a major part of my life for over 45 years.  I have continually served my team, LMSC, and USMS for nearly 30 years.  In recognition of my efforts I have received the Pacific Northwest Distinguished Service Award (1998), National Championship Meet Award (2001),and Ransom Arthur Award (2002).

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