Errol Graham - Candidate for BOD Member from Southwest Zone

Errol Graham PhotoCandidate Information

Name: Errol Graham

LMSC: Southern Pacific

Nominated for: BOD Member from Southwest Zone




Summary Statement

My life changed in so many ways when I joined the Masters swimming world in 1989. Consequently, I have tried to give back by volunteering on the club, local, and national levels in various capacities over the years. I have been elected to numerous positions and served on many committees, and I believe I would be an asset to USMS in the position of at-large director.

Response to Questions

Why are you interested in this position and why do you believe you would be a good candidate?

I have been elected and have also volunteered for various positions on many boards and committees over the years for my club, my LMSC, and for USMS, and I think my experience and perspective would be an asset to USMS in this position.

What do you consider to be the major issues facing USMS now and in the future. As a person holding an elected position within USMS, how would you address these issues?

I believe that the major issues are the growth of the organization and the biggest challenge is to provide services to all members of USMS. I think that we should offer surveys to our members to find out if they are satisfied with what they are getting from USMS and also give them an opportunity to let us know what more we can do for them.

Please list USMS committees on which you have served. Include the dates you were on the committees and the names of the committee chairs under whom you served:

I was a member of the Championship Committee for many years under Barry Fasbender and Mark Moore. I was also a member of the Recognition & Awards Committee under Kelly Crandell in 2006 and 2007.

Please list any other experience that relates to your qualifications for the position.

I have served my club as President, Vice-President, Swimming Representative, and Treasurer, and I have also served my LMSC as Vice-Chair and Member-at-Large.

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