2001 USMS National Elections/BIG>
Skip ThompsonFrank "Skip" Thompson
Candidate for Secretary

Why are you interested in being USMS Secretary and why do you believe you would be a good candidate for this position.

I am interested in the position because it represents a sequence in my involvement and the continuation to serve USMS at the National level of our organization. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to influence the future direction of a great organization.

What do you consider to be the major issues facing USMS in the next four (4) years. As the USMS Secretary, how would you address these issues.

  1. The most significant issue to assure the future success of USMS (or and even the LMSC) will be the development of programs for the large part of our membership which does not participate in competition. As an organization, we have a commitment to provide programs in fitness for these members.
  2. Membership retention and growth are two areas that remain as a critical aspect to the future health of USMS. Communicating to our membership a product that they can value which can best be reflected by their continuing support and membership.
  3. Professional/ Paid positions verses Volunteer positions will have to be addressed in the future similar to what we have done in the last 4 years. USMS has to look objectively at this.
  4. USMS should become more involved and have successful interaction with other bodies such as the YMCA, NSG, FINA, USS, and Park departments. Our involvement with these organizations could carry USMS to the next level in membership and allow our many resources to be utilized by a much larger constituency.
  5. In addition to developing programs that will increase our membership, we have to expand our marketing concepts to broaden our financial base so that we do not rely strictly on registration fees to run our organization. Support of corporate sponsors who have sought to assist us as loyal partners needs to be continued and explored in the future.
  6. Effective communication between all levels of our organization, from National Office to LMSC and LMSC to members. The development of effective lines of communication with the LMSC's and their respective members is imperative.
  7. Another major issue I see is the lack of enough younger volunteer talent to contribute at both the local and national level. This is very important because these people will be the leaders of USMS in the future.

Please list USMS committees that you have served on.

  1. Championship, 1989-1993
  2. Planning, 1994-2001
  3. Zone Committee, 1992-1999
  4. Coaches 1999-Present

Please list any other experience that relates to your qualifications for office.

I work as a Project Manager / Applications Engineer for second largest automotive supplier in the world, Visteon. I work very well with people in a very collaborative way. I am a good listener and communicate and organize effectively. I have proven leadership abilities as demonstrated by my employment and by my volunteer work on the National and Local levels of USMS.

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