2001 USMS National Elections - Legislative Description of Officers' Duties

The duties of the USMS Officers to be elected are defined in Article 505.4 of the USMS Rules.

505.4.1 The president shall:

A Order meetings of the corporation as provided in the code and preside at all meetings of the corporation.
B Exercise all the duties pertaining to this office
in accordance with the code.
C Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.
D Appoint legal counsel who shall serve at the pleasure of the president.

505.4.2 The vice president has duties as assigned by the president and has all the powers and performs the duties of the president should the president be unable or incapable of performing such duties.

505.4.3 The secretary shall make proper arrangements to:

A Keep the records of the corporation and the House of Delegates.
B Conduct all official correspondence of the corporation.
C Issue all official notices of all meetings of the House of Delegates and Board of Directors.
D Serve as secretary of the House of Delegates and the Board of Directors.

505.4.4 The treasurer shall:

A Be the custodian of all corporate funds.
B Receive all funds of the corporation and deposit to the accounts of the corporation.
C Disburse funds as directed by the controller, or by the House of Delegates
D Invest funds of the corporation in a prudent manner for the benefit of the corporation, in accordance with the investment policies established by the Finance Committee.
E Maintain adequate and accurate financial records that document the income and disbursement of the corporation's funds.
F Submit all financial records to the Internal Audit Committee annually within 5 months following the end of the corporation's fiscal year.

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