2001 USMS Election Operating Guidelines

The Zone Committee will be discussing the Election Operating Guidelines updates at convention this year. The guidelines and proposed amendments on this web site will also be in the convention packet as part of the Zone Committee annual report. Any delegate who wishes to contribute to the updating of the guidelines is welcome to send suggested changes to Lynn Hazlewood, Zone Chair. Please use the same procedure and format that you would use in proposing legislative and rules changes - thank you.

EOG History

The history of our modern guidelines is contained in 9 different documents, beginning with the guidelines passed in 1991 in the House of Delegates. The original document was amended in 1992 and 1996. Since that time, Zone Committees have recorded changes directly in meeting minutes. The original documents plus excerpts from those minutes are contained in this document.

Current Guidelines

This document contains a compilation of the 9 documents to produce a current set of guidelines. The basic document was started with and then updated chronologically through the June 2001 minutes of the current Zone Committee. It has also been reorganized to make it easier to read and amend.


This document contains the proposed amendments. They have been updated since the convention packet was printed. Additions are in red and underlined, deletions are in teal with strikethrough.

Proposed Guidelines

This document contains the proposed guidelines as they would appear if all amendments are approved.

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