Encouraging More Adults to Swim
USMS Oral History

Reflections from Edna Gordon Dec 8, 2001

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Got a call from Ruth Switzer 's daughter-in-law up in N. Hampshire telling me that Ruth passed away on Nov. 27th in a nursing home in Massachusetts. She would have been 93 in February. I think she still holds some records. She was affectionately known as the Duck. She began swimming at her doctor's prompting when he discovered an inoperable brain aneurysm (wrong spelling) I think she was about 65 then--not sure. She had never competed before nor even swam, except with her 3 kids. Well, the aneurysm disappeared and she started setting some swim records. She's been written up in our newspaper a while back. She was quite a lady. She and I used to go to meets together.

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